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Logging On to Love

I came across a piece I wrote in 2012 that was never published. So I’m putting it here. Because I like it. I could do an updated story¬†about swiping. MAYBE I WILL. I also found a piece I wrote about … Continue reading

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A Job Well Done

Today my dad announced his retirement. While it won’t make headlines, his career deserves recognition. He deserves recognition. This is a big deal. My earliest memory of going to visit my dad at work was at a small building with … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Babyland

I’m a child of the 80s. My mom fought for Cabbage Patch Kids THAT Christmas. And had to enlist the help of a friend because the limit was two and she needed three. I remember my first. Her name was … Continue reading

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Bottle It Up

I’m very much the kind of person who when I read about something, or hear about something that I think I might enjoy, I write it down, and then make a plan. How soon can I get to wherever or … Continue reading

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Farm Life

I’m not sure when it I first learned about The Farm, but I know that when I heard about it again in Ricki Lake’s doc “The Business of Being Born” I knew I had to go. I was enamored by … Continue reading

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Orchestra Experience

Since apparently I’m just going to randomly blog about Nashville things… (And why wouldn’t I?! That city fed my soul like no other!) I figured I would give a review of another one of the trip’s highlights, and do some … Continue reading

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The Catbird Seat Review

I haven’t blogged since I moved to SLC. Not a calculated decision, but one I’ve grown mostly comfortable with (except for the few times I’ve wished I had better documentation of my life). But this seemed as good a place … Continue reading

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