Unknown Legends

First of all, writing that blog title made me think of one thing and one thing only, one of my most favoritest movie wedding scenes ever:

I don’t care who you are, that’s incredible.

Moving on to the second of all, these may in fact not be unknown legends at all to some…but to others, they will be. So heregoes.

1. Charles Aidikoff. So there’s a screening room here in LA, where industry peeps go to see movies. I was there a month or so ago to see one that stars both Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. In this movie, they both hold babies. That’s pretty much all I needed to know to know that I really wanted to see this movie. By the end of it, Bradley Cooper had earned the top spot on my list. (THAT list.) The boy is fine.

Back to Charles. I’ve been seeing films in this screening room for years, and Charles owns the screening room, so I’ve been seeing Charles for years. In addition to the Red Vines and chocolates he offers, convos with Charles are my favorite part of this particular locale. I’m a sucker for Red Vines, miniature candy bars, and old people.

As we stood around waiting for the screening to start, a few of us were talking to Charles. He told us the next day was his birthday. Then he asked us to guess his age. Eyes darted. The girl across from me looked terrified to suggest a number. I looked right at him and said 93. He eased everyone’s minds, when he said “good guess, go higher.” Everyone gingerly tip-toed until I jumped to 97. He was turning 98 the next day. The guy’s still in there running his business and he’s 98. He said people talk to him about retirement and we acknowledged his NOT retiring is probably what’s kept him around for so long.

He said if he knew he was going to live this long, he would have taken better care of himself. Then he asked to sit by me. And I was like, yeah! Because a- it’s his screening room and 2- more stories please, Mr. Aidikoff!

My friend walked in right when he was in the middle of telling about a couple weeks earlier when he got into work and there was only one person sitting in the screening. He popped in to see who it was and it was Denzel Washington. Sharp as a tack, Charles brought up Denzel’s 1981 film Carbon Copy. (He told me to rent it.) His knowledge impressed Washington, who invited him to watch the movie he was there to see. Charles said that kind of thing has happened more than once.

So my friend sits down and starts teasing me about my new boyfriend, when Charles asks me to help him turn his phone off since the movie’s about to start. It’s a flip phone. And the screensaver is a picture of he and Paris Hilton. I made a comment re the picture and then promptly turn the phone off. Which is right about when he said something about just wanting me to turn the ringer off. Who can work a flip phone these days?

2. Marty & Elayne. Ok, so if you’ve seen Swingers, you know these two. It’s a husband and wife duo who still – after all these years – perform five nights a week at The Dresden, a bar in my neighborhood. It’s exactly how it is in the movie. It’s money.

The night we were there, we had already been to another place, so I was ripe for conversation. I’m really interested in learning how everyone on the planet who is currently involved with someone met that someone. Marty and Elayne are no exception. We were there at closing time, so I took the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with the couple. My friends sat at a table nearby after encouraging me to go ask them my question…”How did you guys meet?”

It turns out Elayne was a 16 yo lass trying to get a gig at a bar and having issues. Enter Marty. (She met him through a friend.) They started playing together, and Elayne said something that I can’t quite remember, but it reminded me a whole lot of the Emily Bronte quote, “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” I’m pretty sure Elayne said her soul knew his soul or something like that. Marty then chimed in, asking why everyone wanted to know how it began, and never how it ended.

The Dresden – and Marty & Elayne – are an LA experience worth checking out. They take requests and although it gets pretty packed, the ambience can be fun.

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