House Hunting

I recently went on a golf cart tour of the Universal Lot, thanks to a couple of cool people I know. The Universal lot is a fun place to be, what with Jaws and Norman Bates and all. One minute we were in an old European courtyard and the next we were headed for the 90s, living in the wild, wild west.


Foot note: Let’s get serious, if you’ve had a look at the dossier nobody has created of all the guys I’ve dated…you would know the gold digger thing is a joke. I’d more likely date an actual pan handler than someone with his sh*t together and a savings account/retirement plan. Hence, why I’m probably still single. But, one can dream, and that’s a story for another day!

Back to the tour de awesomeness. We had a destination. And that destination had a name.


Unless you’re new here, you know what this means. The Bravermans are the fictitious family from the show Parenthood. Spoiler alert: I’m kind of a fan.


You guys. I tried all the doors. How could I not? I wanted to crawl inside and never leave until Zeek and Camille came home and made me a PB & J with a tall glass of milk. I DON’T EVEN LIKE MILK.

A couple of things I looked for and didn’t find:

1. Zeek’s Airstream. Hey guess what? I also love Airstreams! Ok, so I knew this would most likely not be there (seeing as how it was only featured on like one episode), but I wanted it to be and that would have been really cool.

2. The table in the garden under the hanging lights. I went to the garden and there was no table. I walked around the entire house. I looked in both side yards. I can only assume that it only comes out of storage when they use it. (They’re not currently filming.)

Something cool. Sarah’s guest house looks to be the working set. Meaning: I looked in the windows and it looks exactly like it looks on the show. I liked this a lot. Next up on the tour was a street of Craftsman houses. Hey, you! Guess what? I LOVE CRAFTSMAN HOUSES. That’s probably another thing that attracts me to the show. I love the homes and set dec. (Here‘s a cool piece I found about all that.)

Ok so we’re on the Craftsman street, and we stop at a house that was in the movie Hancock. I haven’t seen Hancock, but apparently it’s the one Charlize and Will lived in. Any enthusiasm was lost on me until I peered into the windows along the back of the house.


I saw that red retro kid kitchen and knew exactly what I was looking at. JOEL AND JULIA’S HOUSE. I may have freaked out in a way that probably warranted the reactions on my friends’ faces. But it was just that, I mean, I thought the Parenthood portion of the tour was over…and it wasn’t! The Universal Lot kept on giving me what I wanted!

We also saw the ballpark (from afar, it’s behind a locked gate) and a Parenthood soundstage (just from the outside). There was a guard, and although I tried to make small talk, there was really no good reason we had to get him to think we belonged inside. I bet the Luncheonette is in there tho.

Saved something for next time!

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