C is for Cookie


I went on a cookie-baking rampage and now I have hundreds of cookies in my kitchen. I have a new respect for baking bloggers who are able to so elegantly photograph their progress.

I have none of those awesome step-by-step photos for you here. But I do have links to the recipes.

1. No-Bake Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies.
2. Grandma Bargen’s Soft Sugar Cookies. This recipe comes from my real grandma and that’s her real handwriting. I iced them with store-bought icing and sprinkles. Foot note: I also highly recommend the white bread recipe you’ll find on that site. Little crystal dishes of various jams not included.
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies. This one was really ambitious, seeing as how it required two different types of flour. I did cheat and use semisweet chunks instead of bittersweet discs, but nothing bad happened. These were AMAZING fresh from the oven. (I had to taste one to make sure!) As they cooled, they of course became harder which isn’t always my jam when it comes to chocolate chip cookies (I like a good, chewy, “raw” consistency), but the flavor is still good.

As far as plans for these little treats…I’ve been promising the firefighters down the street cookies forever, so I’m finally going to make good on that. In addition, I’m bagging up sandwich meals for the homeless peeps in my neighborhood, so I’m going to drop a few in each one of those. Whatever I have left will be eaten by friends or family or randos in the airport when I fly home on Monday.

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