Dave Brubeck Rememberies

The news of Dave Brubeck’s passing took me back to an October day in 2008 when an ex boyfriend and I went and saw him play at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Here’s what I wrote about it then:

I saw the Dave Brubeck quartet perform at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I love the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The acoustics are the best I’ve ever heard. This was my second concert there and I can’t wait to return for a Chamber performance. That’s right, I’m 80. Well maybe I’m not, but Dave is. Over 80 in fact. And as I was shaking his frail hand backstage, I marveled at the fact that a man who could barely walk to the piano could play it so magically and nimbly. I was not used to seeing jazz performed in such a large venue, but I got used to it, got into it, and enjoyed myself immensely.

This particular ex boyfriend is also a musician and a huge fan of Brubeck, hence why we made our way backstage. We did the whole “act like you belong” thing, and before I knew it, there we were with Dave and his lovely Iola.

I’d post the pic, but it’s apparently hidden away in that place you hide pictures of your ex.

Fond memory tho. Dave Brubeck…one of the greats.

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