Silver Linings

First things first…I saw Wreck It Ralph the other day. I liked it. But I leurved “Paperman” – the animated short that plays before it – so very much. Flawless. I wish it was online for me to show you right now. I paid tens of dollars to see a movie because I live in LA, and I would have been more than happy with the price paid if that was the only thing I saw that day. That good, y’all. It’s beautiful! And the music, and the story. There’s a guy and a girl and it’s like Sliding Doors and An Affair to Remember and it will probs be nominated for an Oscar.

I also saw Silver Linings Playbook.

While it’s not perfect, I couldn’t NOT like it. The performances delivered by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were nothing short of amazing. I mean this is not the Bradley Cooper we’ve seen before. And JLaw stands her ground so well in one scene in particular that I wanted to “You go girl!” high five her.

Afterward I felt this weird pride for Bradley Cooper. Like Friend with a capital F pride. I’m not even sure I ever met him back in my celeb interviewing days so there’s really no justifiable reason for this. Never-the-less, the feeling existed.

Then I came home and watched all the French interviews I could find on youtube, because one of the hottest things about Bradley Cooper (to me) is his fluency in French. I fantasized about making one long mp3 of him just speaking in French to play every night before I went to bed instead of the podcasts I currently listen to. Then I figured it would be easier if he could just be there telling me stories or reading me books en Francais.

This is how my mind works.

And then because my mind is a slippery slope when French, France and Parisian things are concerned, I found this.

I like the idea of eloping like I like the idea of natural childbirth. I see the benefits, but I don’t know if I would regret it there at the end…you know, when it’s too late to change your mind.

I’ve been missing Paris a lot lately. I even toyed with the idea of heading there next week for a concert. (Back when I had a solid income or two I would do those off-the-cuff trips as frequently as possible.) Then the band I wanted to see broke up and stopped touring. Wunh wunh. I figured that was my sign to not go. Although, I would have accepted one coupled with a much less drastic action.

I think I just have the itch to travel and no income to scratch it with. Tides are changing though. I can feel it.

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