Live Read With a Twist

Last night I ventured out to UCLA for a performance of Pride and Prejudice. Even though I read the advertisement and bought my own ticket, I wasn’t aware until we got there that it wasn’t a regular play performance. It was a reading of the script. For radio broadcast.

I’ve talked about the Jason Reitman Live Reads on here before (here and here), where celebrities read the scripts of awesome movies. I love them so much, but they’re beyond extremely popular and tickets are hard to come by.

Well what LA Theatre Works does is very similar. Celebrities are involved, as are scripts. But they’re scripts of plays, not movies. The result is delightful. In the case of Pride and Prejudice, the cast tours the world with the performance, so they wore costumes. And they knew the script well enough to not be reading it at all. They wore costumes, which according to a new friend I made is not the norm.

The performance is recorded for broadcast on public radio as well as Sirius. It’s obviously very similar to Fake Radio, which I would also recommend. But like I said, celebrities are involved and in one upcoming case that I’m very excited about, the entire Broadway cast will be there to “read.”

The crowd was mostly parent-age, and I really feel like I stumbled onto something that hasn’t been discovered/ruined by the masses. Granted, they’ve been doing this for a long time. But it’s new to me, and I’ll definitely be back.

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