And then this happened…

Ok, so this is another day-in-the-life, but it was a fun day and included a few new experiences…

The cousin of my friend Babs got married today. Babs’ other half was working so I stepped in for plus one duties. Wedding crashing is my favorite. I love seeing what different people do. And honestly, my favorite wedding to date was that of a couple I didn’t meet until their wedding. It was a destination shindig and I’ve never felt the love at a wedding the way I did that day on the beach. Don’t get me started on the parading through the streets portion of the evening. Long story short: I loved it. So yeah, if you need a plus one…I’m your girl.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been craving Indian food since I saw Life of Pi earlier this week. So we decided to kick the day’s activities off by curing that craving. It was a buffet, which if you know me, you might know I’m not a big fan of buffets. But I loved this one. I went back for seconds. I Yelped. Seriously. Good stuff. But again, I had really been craving it (and I’m not a foodie)…so…maybe I’m not the best judge. I just realized I didn’t get a mango lassi. Bummer!

After lunch we had less than an hour to get to the wedding venue. And we weren’t yet dressed for the wedding. So we did what any high schooler wanting to change her clothes for the party would do: we went to the mall. The Nordstrom Ladies Lounge to be exact. It was fun and funny. I went in wearing a sweater, jeans and my wellies and came out in a strapless dress and heels. Kapow!

The wedding was held at the Nixon library. It turns out I live kind of equidistant between the Nixon and Reagan libraries. Who knew? This was my first time at either. The clouds parted just in time for the outdoor ceremony. The ceremony included several traditions I was unfamiliar with, but then the groom mentioned kidney stones in his vows and I was onboard with that.

During the cocktail hour we were able to tour the grounds, including Tricky Dick’s childhood home (and adjacent gravesite). My favorite takeaway was that Nixon played like five musical instruments. Who knew? Not me. AND they included: piano, violin and something like an accordion. You guys. I bet I could have fallen in love with him.

Dinner and dancing and photo booth fun happened and OH YEAH. There was the portion of the evening when we violated federal law. Apparently you can’t consume outside alcoholic beverages on federal property. Well, the party favors on the table were these little bottles of wine. So we drank them. Shortly after the caterers did an early sweep of our table we were given a good talking to and then the DJs made an announcement about taking the wine home before drinking it. Whoops. As far as I know, it didn’t go down on our permanent record.

Also at the wedding the groom’s step dad asked Babs about her upcoming wedding and gestured to me as if I were the lucky one to whom she was betrothed. We cleared that up (not that there’s anything wrong with it), but seriously. Lady friends can go to weddings together.

I didn’t catch the bouquet. Full disclosure: I didn’t go out there and try. If I would have, I probably would have caught it because I was the tallest girl there (as in, at the whole wedding) and it went over everyone else’s heads and probably would have hit me in the face. True story.

Now I’ll never get married! 😉

So we’re sitting at the reception and Babs is like, you wanna see the Crystal Cathedral? And I’m like, yeah I do. (OC Tour 2012!) So we go and it was pretty dark but there was a marble prayer room and then this:

The “In Car Worship Center” is in the parking lot. Which begs the question, how can praying in the parking lot of a church be any different – or better – than praying at home or wherever you are? I didn’t see anything to indicate it, but maybe they project the service outside for people who want to worship near people, but without interacting with them? Puzzling.

By this time I needed to use a restroom. The church was closed, but there was a fountain on the grounds that was making that noise that makes you realize you need to really go. (Don’t worry, I didn’t.) Instead we drove to the nearby Dave and Buster’s. Yes we did. Neither of us had been in a Dave and Buster’s for five years or more, so imagine our surprise when we realized they charge a $3 cover. To go inside and eat, drink, and play games (aka spend money)…What the what? Luckily we totally sweet talked a security guard. We snagged someone’s left behind tickets in the midway and after learning you can now earn iPads, blenders and game systems with hundreds of thousands of tickets, handed ours over to a young boy walking around with his dad. I hope he was able to get something cool. Like a Laffy Taffy or one of those big Pixie Stix.

Such a random day filled with new people and new places and fun experiences. I love those kind of days.

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One Response to And then this happened…

  1. Suzan says:

    Rev Schuler started his church in a drive-in movie. Hence the drive-in prayer area. I believe a Catholic church now owns the crystal carhedral. After the senior Rev retired his offspring fought over it and I believe went bankrupt. Did you get any info there about it? I have wanted to see it. I mentioned it before when we visited out there.

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