Baby It’s Cold Outside

You know…for LA…which means it’s actually not really probably that cold at all, but I am freezing. My ideal temp lies in the 75-85 range. Lucky for me there is only a small portion of the year that falls either above or below that figure. During those times, however, I am either freezing cold or unable to wear any clothes beyond my underwear because, it’s sweltering!

My house is notorious for its lack of insulation. I’m currently wearing a hoodie (with the hood up) and sweat pants, and I would be wearing fingerless gloves if I had them.

I know this makes me a huge wimp. I was having a convo at physical therapy this morning wherein we agreed we’re all like this. The rest of the country is being kicked in the face by real weather systems and we’re like, it’s cloudy…and in the 60s…wah!

The good news is my handyman is coming over to light my pilot light. (Neither of those things are euphemisms.)

So I’ve been brainstorming a lot and writing a little and trying to come up with that thing. That thing that’s going to tip the scales in my favor (career-wise). I’ve felt like I’m on the cusp of something for a while now, and I feel like I’m getting closer. I mean, I hope to God I’m not getting further away.

I continue to apply for jobs both in and out of the industry… I’m reaching out to my contacts… Treading water.

I saw Life of Pi a few days ago, and all it did was stress me out and make me crave Indian food. But maybe I’m relating to it now…obviously in a much less dramatic way. Like I’ve been lost at sea for a while and every once in a while I’m thrown a bone to keep hope alive in preparation for whatever is going to be there when I come out the other side.

In the past few days, I’ve seen three indie films that were so horrible, and yet, they got made. The two screenplays I have in different stages of progress are much better in idea alone than any of the ones I watched. So maybe there’s hope for them yet. I won’t know until I finish them and get them out there.

I also have (finally!) come up with a plan to get the attention of someone I want to work for/with (dream fantasy style). I’ve been trying several other avenues to no avail. I kept reminding myself of what I did to get into E! (sent a gift bag of things that start with the letter E! to the news director). It’s those things that set you apart, but you a – need access to your target audience and b – need a good idea. Stay tuned.

PS The handyman just laughed at me when he walked in to light my pilot light wearing a t-shirt and I was sitting here all bundled up.

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