Being a Grown-Up (A Day in the Life)

I can’t believe how much I accomplished today!

I kicked off my day in the office of an orthopedic surgeon. Yay growing old! I’ve been ignoring some joint pain for a while now (in fear it was the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, which runs in my family). But this week my right knee let me know that now was the time to see a doctor. My knee knows a lot of things. Most importantly that I’ve already paid my deductible for this year so everything is pretty much paid for for the next couple of months. So, I turned to the internet to find a doctor near me with immediate availability and crossed my fingers. I promised myself if he suggested surgery – I was picturing Boxing Helena – I would get a second opinion. Samesies if he confirmed my RA fears. The guy ended up being nice (yay Google!) and said no to RA (phew!) and yes to physical therapy.

He also said I can’t work out until I see him again in four weeks. You guys, I don’t know how I’ll abstain! (lies) I will be in PT twice a week which will be like having a trainer who does things to my body for me, right? I also learned that yoga is the worst thing for knees like mine. (Whoops!) So no more yoga. Swimming is good, so maybe I can find one of those old lady water aerobics classes. I think I would really enjoy that.

Ok so that’s a lot of info that maybe nobody cares about, but I start PT bright and early tomorrow morning and maybe I’ll have fun stories from there. My fingers are crossed for a therapist who looks like Tim Riggins. I’ll shave my legs just in case. I have also already conjured up a scenario in which I befriend a veteran or some other person learning to walk again and cheer them on in my biweekly visits. My bar is set high for the physical therapy experience.

After that appointment, I headed to the dentist. Because – and I haven’t mentioned it here – I am in the process of correcting/aligning my teeth using spring retainers. The excitement in this post is palpable!

I had braces as a teen, but I didn’t wear my retainer and as a result one of my bottom front teeth attempted to retreat to the point of no return. It’s been just shy of two months and the difference is crazy. I feel like an awkward preteen in the retainers, but seeing the results so quickly is really encouraging. I don’t have much longer to go.

Once upon a time, in reference to my out-of-place tooth, a sportscaster I worked with said me fixing it would be like Jewel fixing her teeth. So…your move, Jewel.

At that point in my day, there was no stopping the flood of productivity. My car needed an oil change, so off to the dealership I went. Now I know what you’re going to say about me getting my oil changed at the dealership, but I do, so get over it. I don’t like those quick lube places and have heard horror stories and know I have some accountability if I can tell the dealer they are the only place that has ever done anything related to oil. As far as the list of other things they always tell me my car “needs,” I do my best to take care of those on my own. Auto Zone and the internet help immensely. But today the main concern was my tires. My very bald tires.

Now I know enough (very little) about cars to know when I’m being lied to. But I also know about the penny test and what tread is supposed to look like and that oh my gosh it might rain on Friday.

So off to my tire place I went. Once I have a place that deals with cars that I trust I stick with them. I have had horrible experiences in the past with being a girl and getting my car worked on, so I’m very particular about where I go to do what. I trust my guys tho, and we went with not the cheapest tire, but not the most expensive tire, and then he took some money off and multiplied by four and that was that. (If you’re worried I could have just rotated the back tires to the front, and made do with only two new tires, know that – I thought about that – and the measurements (which I stood over) were not very different.)

Long story short, I hope everyone enjoys the tires for my car I bought them for Christmas. They look real nice.

On the way home, I picked up a set of new windshield wipers because I was on FIRE! I’ve installed them once before so I’m pretending like I’ll be able to do it again. I’m very easy breezy about stuff these days.

Once home I ate a can of jellied cranberry sauce and a handful of meatless meatballs for dinner.

Work in progress.

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