San Diego Highlights

As you may or may not know, I used to live in San Diego. It’s America’s Finest City for a reason, and I love that I have friends there and live close enough to return on a regular basis.

I went back this weekend for a visit.

There is a feeling I get when I drive into San Diego County (and I’m pretty sure it’s happened on the train too). My body immediately relaxes. My breaths deepen. My head clears. It’s an unparalleled reaction to any other place I go. I love it and look forward to the transformation each time. Even when traffic is bad, once I’m there, everything is ok.

I usually enter the city via the 163, but this time I took the 5, giving me views of the harbor and skyline. I involuntarily – and aloud – said, “I love you, San Diego” in my car. True story. The feeling I get is that good, y’all. I’m not quite sure what is at the root of the feeling. I have great memories there, and great friends there, and I guess there’s nothing really to dirty it up for me.

So, you get it. I love it.

Here’s what we did:

Dinner at Albie’s. New experience. I had never been there. It’s attached to a Travelodge in Hotel Circle, and I loved it so much. The smell of stale smoke. The old fixtures, decor, patrons. So fantastic. I love me some old people. There was a piano player. Old people danced. There were paintings of naked women everywhere. The bar was lined with old men (only one of them making us uncomfortable with his leering). I ate the halibut, sweet carrot, and twice-baked potato. So great.

We saw Garfunkel And Oates. I’ve seen them a few times, including a couple of months ago here in LA, and they never get old (winky face!). (Warning: Language with a capital L.)

I warned you!

We went to Toast. Another first for me, and another success. They have this self-serve wine tasting apparatus that is super fun and totally from the future:

We also went to the Prado, and while I have been to Balboa Park several times, I had yet to actually eat there.

I know it seems like all we did was eat and drink, but we talked a lot too. And laughed a lot. And enjoyed the sunshine a lot. You know how we do.

I was in a race against the clock to get home in time to see The Book of Mormon, but as always happens, we kept coming up with fun activities and places to delay my exit. Our last stop of the wkend was Jimmy’s.

It was Sunday morning and we were looking for a place to accommodate requests of breakfast, booze, berries (smoothies) and ball. We achieved three out of four, and I drank a pineapple juice, which is like a smoothie.

It was a beautiful day and view of boats made me briefly entertain how fun it would be to take a boat back to LA. Then I remembered I puke on boats in the ocean.

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One Response to San Diego Highlights

  1. Dad says:

    What a great weekend!!! What a great town!!! Brings back nice memories and makes me want to go back. Love Ya!!! Dad

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