Bridal Adventures

One of my closest friends is getting married soon, and I’m helping her on her wedding dress quest.

Despite having two sisters and several friends who have said “I do,” I have never done this before. I’m not sure how that’s possible. Luckily I’ve watched a lot of Say Yes to the Dress, so I thought I knew what I was getting into. However, I had no idea it would be like this. Not the helping part. My Babs is lovely, and super low key, and we have a good time. I’m just talking about these stores. In a word? Overwhelming.

I seriously have no idea how I will ever do it. I just kept repeating “and I thought house hunting would be hard.”

The first place we went was smaller, but there was a party of girls sitting on the couch just waiting for their champagne flutes to be filled. (Not really, but they may as well have been.) Don’t get me wrong, I love champagne, and I love my friends, but I don’t envision that being the way this whole thing goes down. These girls were not our people, and I can’t imagine having that many opinions on top of my own (which I’m sure will be shaky until I get that feeling).

At our next stop I turned to walk down the last aisle and was immediately back in the 90s. Poofy sleeves and 150 pound dresses. I escaped and asked the salesgirl why they hadn’t just eliminated that row. I mean, I don’t think anyone should be wearing those dresses. She called them “traditional.”  I called them “hive inducing.”

The girl was no Keasha. (Another SYttD reference, but I LOVE Keasha.) Babs showed her pictures of dresses she liked, gave her some key words, a budget, and we basically ended up pulling all the dresses ourselves. I wanted Keasha.

Seeing someone you care about in a wedding dress for the first time is such a weird, heart-tightening feeling. Not as in “what the heck are you about to do,” but more of a “I’m so happy for you to start this next leg of your journey.” This was no different.

B: This is like my Quinceanera all over again.
MA: Did you have one?
B: No.

(It’s funny because she’s half Japanese, and that’s not the culture known for Qs, and I should have caught that.)

At the next place, we lucked out with a girl who wasn’t Keasha, but was much more receptive to Babs’ directions and desires. We ended up really liking her and that shop. It was much more our speed. I even helped a stranger make her final decision. Mostly because I was sitting on the couch waiting for Babs and this girl wasn’t enthusiastic at all, and I wanted her to know she looked pretty. I also wanted her to be more excited about getting married, but I could only do so much, and going into my “You should never settle” diatribe didn’t seem appropriate.

Shopping day one ended with some pictures taken, and a good feeling of what we’re out there looking for. We also know now more how it all works, and I’m looking forward to our next outing.

At one point, we joked about me trying on dresses, and all I could picture was that Friends episode where the girls sat on the couch in the wedding dresses. You guys, what if I’m the Monica?

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