So once upon a time I was watching this show called The Conversation. Connie Britton was one of the guests. I love me some Tami Taylor.

Then she said this:

In that moment, I felt more connected to a stranger than I ever have in my entire life. She was saying things that – if I hadn’t said out loud – I had definitely thought.

Life is so universal and I figured if Connie and I felt the same way and had been through similar experiences, there were probably more of us out there.

I watched a couple more episodes, and then I contacted the people at The Conversation. I wanted to be a part of these intimate chats that expose the human spirit and identify our similarities in a time when more often than not it’s our differences that get the attention. I wanted them to know the comfort I found in that minute and a half. Never underestimate the power of feeling like you’re not the only one who’s ever felt a certain way.

I told them I had been in a similar state of mind with the adoption process. The editor of the website asked me to write my story. In the two years since it happened, I went to counseling, and discussed it with my friends who knew about what happened, but I never wrote about it.

I spent an entire day writing version after version to get it down to the correct word count. I took emotions and raw feelings out. I put them back in. I cried. I walked away from it. I wrote some more.

Writing about it and then letting other people read it was a whole new thing for me. I sought editing advice from my Babs and Shannon (thanks ladies!) because I felt like it was too close for me to be able to judge it objectively.

Long story short (too late), they published it today. It can be found here.

Thus marks the beginning of my stint as a contributor to The Conversation.

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2 Responses to News!

  1. shelly says:

    loved the article…thanks for sharing!

  2. Joanie Balonie says:

    I never heard this story…no clue…but I’m crying right now for what was lost that day two years ago. (love you!!)

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