Lying to Get Hired

As my job search continues, I’ve branched outside of my current industry to other jobs I think sound up my alley. Mostly they’ve been nonprofits or within walking distance of my house. Always they’ve seemed interesting and not completely sit-behind-a-desk stifling. But I keep hitting the “you don’t have this exact experience” roadblock. Even in my own industry. It’s uber frustrating because I feel like as long as you’re a hard worker who gets along well with others, the rest is trainable. And that’s the thing. Most every time you get a new job they train you to do things their way any way.

So there’s all of that. And then comes the advice: just lie.

Tell them I have whatever experience they’re clearly looking for. Tell them I’ve worked similar shows or places.

Is lying to get hired the new trying to get hired?

I’m not a goody two shoes. I’m just a really bad liar. Like REALLY bad. Like MAYBE I have a chance in writing or on the phone (less likely), but get me in person and look at my face and you’ll know what I’m really thinking/hiding. When asked a direct question, I have no alternative but to tell the truth. I can count on one hand the times I’ve maybe got away with something. (Most often it’s been like keeping a surprise or secret or something.)

So I don’t do it. There’s really no point in it for me. Lying I mean. But maybe there WOULD be a point in it if I could get a job? My big fear is I would randomly pick something that someone would have a connection to. This world is too small, and that would be my luck. And then what would I be but a liar? And nobody’s going to hire a liar. (Rhyme not intended.)

The only time I’ve done something similar is several years ago when there was an ad for a baby wrangler on Craigslist. Y’all I could be a really good baby wrangler. Unfortunately, there’s not a huge demand for them, and there are several people who are already doing it (and well-known). But this specific gig was non-paying and for a PSA. I fibbed by borrowing a friend’s on-set story of a commercial involving a kid and a monkey. I may have even added a slot on my resume. It worked and I got hired. To work for free. (See? At least my whole working-for-free mentality is consistent!) I did the gig, but it never went anywhere after that. No connections were made. So was the lying even worth it?

Also…in the realm of things, a volunteer gig on a PSA isn’t exactly equivalent to a gig with a huge reality show or non-profit organization.

I often wonder why I’m so bad at lying (seriously, no poker face at all) while other people can do it with such ease.

Maybe it was the way my mom always said she couldn’t stand a liar, something I’ve definitely inherited. Although I’d venture to say nobody likes to be lied to.

Or maybe it was all those other things we’re taught as kids. That your pants catch fire or your nose grows. (Neither of which I ever really believed, but maybe something stuck?)

And I think every child of the 80s remembers the LDS PSA. I tried in vain to find the video. But you have to admit that it’s true. Lies beget lies. Often bigger lies. And then it’s this huge web and you can’t remember what you were hiding in the first place (or who you told what story). And you definitely can’t tell the truth after all those lies. So much to remember. So why bother?

So I continue to go about this whole job search thing with as much honesty as possible. I explain how skills are transferable and how dedicated I would be to whichever cause. Here’s hoping honesty wins out.

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  1. Welcome to my world and as always, you rule!

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