PS I Love You

“I’m not mad at that.” “That is on point.” “I’m just out here trying to function.” “YOLO.”

You know how when you spend a lot of concentrated time with people their sayings rub off on you?

I just spent three days in Palm Springs, and y’all, I’m not mad at that.

Palm Springs is only about an hour and a half drive from LA, so it’s the perfect jaunt for some rest and relaxation. I’ve been several times now. Four is several right? It’s certainly more than a few. This was my second time at the Ace.

I love everything about it. The rooms:

The pools:

The views:

The hammocks:

Oh wait. I couldn’t take a picture of the hammocks because they weren’t hanging up this time. Big wunh wunh. BIG. HUGE. I leurve hammocks. And these particular hammocks USUALLY hang behind a wall of mist. It’s heavenly. You can lay there with a view of the pool and the mountains and not die of heat and swing in the hammock and sleep or read a book and completely zone out.

I asked approximately seven times each day where the hammocks were. The answers *cough* excuses *cough* were unsatisfactory and tres disappointing. I mean. I had to sit on chairs and lay on the pillow things and stand in the water at the side of the pool with my book on a cushion to read. The nerve!!

In case you didn’t know, it’s really hot in Palm Springs (esp in the summer), and it’s a heat best enjoyed when part of your body is either submerged in a pool or within spritzing distance of a constant mister and swaying in a breeze. Basically life is really hard there.

Last time I stayed at the Ace we never left. We ate all of our meals there and drank all of our beverages there because you can totally do that and enjoy it immensely.

This time we ventured out twice. We had breakfast at Cheeky’s. I had a frittata with broccoli and kale and something else green in it. I ate it and liked it alright. Maybe a little too salty for my taste, but decent. (I’m horrible at food reviews.) I tasted the waffle and the corn pancake. Both of those things were light and nice. Long story short, I would eat there again.

We were in town to celebrate birthdays, which meant a fancy dinner was in order. Parker fancy. We dined at Mister Parker’s, and I will say it wasn’t my favoritest. Decor, yes-ish. Ambiance, mm hmm. But while the butternut squash gnocchi was pretty tasty, the prices were a bit like Jem. Totally outrageous. I get it. Fancy restaurants = high costs + small portions. I’m all about small plates/portions, but I appreciate them more when they come with a smaller price tag.

Quote of that night came when the waiter told us that because of California law, the Foie Gras was no longer available. I was all, “What? What law? Huh?” One of the guys was like, “Where have YOU been eating?”

Despite living in Paris for seven months back in 2006, I have never (to my knowledge) had foie gras. That I can remember. So I guess the whole ban thing has never come up. Ok, so apparently it went into effect July 1 and people are up in arms about it.

We ate a couple of tables away from Ed McMahon’s doppelganger. People were pretty sure it was him until I reminded them he was d-e-a-d.

After dinner, we headed out to the hotel grounds, which are beyond amazing. I was especially happy to find hammocks in one of the grassy areas. Strung up between palm trees and everything. I don’t have any photos tho because it was dark, and, well I was too busy being excited about swinging in one to take pictures.

We tried to crash a party at one of the bungalows you can rent, but it didn’t work out. On the way back to the main hotel we put our feet in the pool, and it was pretty much the perfect temperature for a bath or skinny dip.

We went back to the Ace and hung out in the hot tub. Because, oh yeah. There’s a hot tub. And two pools. The main one: which is bigger and closer to the bar. And the smaller one: which is warmer and basically private. Since we stayed on Wednesday and Thursday nights, the hotel wasn’t busy at all, and our group had this pool to ourselves practically every time we ventured over. I’m telling you guys. Dreamy.

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