Portland to Oakland

This post was originally dated a long time ago. But then I hadn’t imported pictures – and blah blah excuse blah. Here it is. The fun part is that I got to relive it just a little bit. I’ll never complain about reliving awesome fun times.

Remember when I went to Sasquatch? Well on the way back to LA, we made stops in the City of Roses and Oaktown. I have friends in both locales who I don’t see often enough. To top it off, they both had babies I needed to meet.

On our way into Portland, we stopped in Hood River at this adorable place:

I heart eggs and good views.

I was a happy camper. Remember that we had been camping for five days. We had showered once during that time. Using a real toilet was a novelty and a privilege. I imagine we were both looking – and smelling- pretty ripe at this point. The waitress was super sweet. The scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy (that probably wasn’t completely vegetarian) were delicious.

My favorite thing about road trips is the diversions. Case in point: The Waterfall Route. We saw the signs and were like, “why not?” I LOVE “why not?” So we did.

Horsetail Falls

Multnomah Falls

Souvenir sayings FTW.

Wahkeena Falls

I highly recommend taking the side trip. It doesn’t take you out of your way or a long time, and is well worth it. If you like waterfalls. (Who doesn’t like waterfalls?!)

We arrived in Portland, took the best showers ever, and then I took my friend’s baby out to a bar because that’s how I get to know people.

Beer for me. Broccoli for him. I’m going to make a great mom.

The next day we made a dent in the 200 nearby Willamette Valley wineries. The baby only made it to five. (Lightweight!) We dropped him off at his grandma’s when we went to lunch. That’s right. Five wineries before lunch. Boom.

Rex Hill

Sign of the day. Because sometimes your spouse is a minor?!

As you can guess, my notes and memory don’t serve me as to exactly WHICH wineries we went to (not all of them anyway). I can tell you that my favorite wine – hands down – came from Arbor Brook Vineyards. I loved everything about it: the adorable red barns I didn’t take pictures of, the lovely lady pouring our wine, the wine itself, and the chocolates left over from some event that she paired with our tastings. All of it. So great. There are bigger, bougier options up the street, but I promise you won’t regret this mom-and-pop op. I’m a fan of wineries, so I feel like my opinion on this can be trusted.

We decided to do the drive from Portland to Oakland in one day. (It’s really not too bad of a drive.) We stopped for lunch in Ashland, which has a super cute Main Street strip. Apparently I was too hungry to take any pictures. Yelp helped us decide on Zoey’s and I was pretty happy with that decision.

I have to be honest about Oakland. It wasn’t what I expected. So cute and artsy and outdoorsy. Not unlike my part of LA. We don’t have a lake tho.

geese and goslings and babies and friends

We walked around the lake and had fancy lunch at the Chalet. We sat next to a wedding party. The self-proclaimed bride-on-a-budget bought her dress at Forever 21. It cost less than $30, but fit her perfectly, was ivory and lacy, and was perfect for her intimate, daytime courthouse affair. I tried to find a picture but there are so many of the kind I’ve just described that my memory is playing tricks on me. Point is: she looked great, was super happy, and didn’t break the bank. Bravo to her.

That night we headed to the pier for summer night fun. And entertainment…

I capped off my trip with a visit to a vintage moviehouse. With an organist and everything. It was fancy and I liked it a lot.

I flew home to LA the next day. No plans for any travel in the near future. I realize I just came home from Palm Springs last night. But that’s just how it goes. You never know what mini trips will pop up.

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