First Impressions

You guys, 40 years old is too old to still be hungover at 4pm the next day when a birthday/holiday/major sporting event isn’t involved, right??

See also: if I wanted to date this type of guy, I would just walk up to the bar on the corner and grab one.

It wasn’t all bad tho: he paid (I tried), he listened pretty attentively, (aside from the stifled yawns) and was supportive of my less-than-articulate career goals.

(He talked too, don’t worry.)

Bee tee dubs, I ordered wine because while it’s not ok to still be hungover, it is TOTALLY ok to drink at 4p. Especially on weekends. When you’re on a date. With a guy who “really needed this coffee.”

I won’t even get into his wardrobe or height because the first thing can be changed, and I’m trying to rise above the second. (In all fairness, he was probably about my height, which I’m working on being ok with.)

So the whole dating thing is still going well, just in case you were wondering.

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