String Cheese Incident

I just read (on my string cheese wrapper) that the average life span of a dragonfly is 24 hours.

I bet they make every minute count.

I have – admittedly – not been making every minute count lately. I had an extremely lazy weekend sprinkled with board games with friends and a small repair on my car. That I did myself. Because spending $5 is always better than spending $200. If you’re counting, it’s the third thing I’ve recently done on my own to avoid dealer gotcha pricing.

To be fair (and honest!) I didn’t install my own car battery. The nice girl at Auto Zone did. But I stood right next to her.

I have several half-written blog entries to share, and they will be published soon. I wish I could have some awesome excuse as to why there hasn’t been one lately. I’ve been doing lots of hiking/staircase walks and lots of thinking. I’ve applied for a job I’m really excited about, but one that will require the powers that be to take a chance. I haven’t had much luck with that lately, but this job seems really right for me right now, so I’m hoping a higher power takes control.

I’ve seen a few really great movies this past week. I highly recommend Safety Not Guaranteed and Your Sister’s Sister. Watch those trailers/see those movies.

I want to go to that cabin (the one in YSS). But I always want to go somewhere. It doesn’t help that I also read Wild and watched The Way last week. Both are about long-distance hikes. The Way won me over early on with the quote: “You don’t choose a life. You live one.”

I like the idea of a long distance hike. I even kinda like the idea of going it alone. But it’s kind of the way I like the idea of natural childbirth or Burning Man. I want an escape hatch if it all gets to be too much. Which, I tell myself, defeats the purpose of proving to yourself you can do something.

And if I’m going to do something that takes a few months, wouldn’t I rather head over to New Zealand or Australia? That trip nags at me as if to say: “You know how you bemoan not going last year (in light of the free time I’ve had). This is next year’s last year.” Unfortunately my savings account would have been more useful last year.

As I mentioned tho, I’ve just applied for a job that would offer travel and purpose and really great things, so I’m sticking it out for that. (In reality, I’ve applied for several gigs, but we all have our favorites.) I also applied to two writing workshops. I’m basically on the edge of glory over here, you guys. Something’s going to happen.

What else…what else…

I was lucky enough to see a screening of Magic Mike. I hope there is an option on the DVD to just watch the dances because OMWow the dances. What I would have given to be an extra!!

I’ll leave you with this, which, if you haven’t seen, is an excellent EXCELLENT story. Awesome dads FTW.


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