South Dakota Sunset

Ok so I’m super bummed for you guys right now, because I swore I put my card reader somewhere and now I can’t find it. And of course I took the pix of tonight’s fiery awesome sunset on my real camera (as opposed to my iPhone). Thus, I can’t currently upload them. Wunh wunh.

It was crazy unusual because as we neared the Mountain Time Zone, the sun was still high in the sky. It was like 8p and the sun was still a good hour or more away from the horizon. As the daylight stretched on, so did we. No sense in stopping while the sun was up!

We have finally stopped, as Tracey has never been to Mount Rushmore, and that’s something best enjoyed in the light of day. And it did, eventually get dark tonight.

It’s been three years since I’ve been here. That was a much different trip. A solo journey in the opposite direction. I think back then I was in such a flustered state that while I maybe noticed the beauty of the rolling green hills, I forgot about it. Which made today that much greater.

We took a different route than I have ever before, which meant more time in Iowa, and a few hours in Minnesota. We saw things like a man riding a horse on the highway, a female truckdriver (only the one!), countless barns (I fell in love), eight of Minnesota’s 10 thousand lakes, and oh yeah. The SPAM Museum.

It was one of those things where we saw the sign and were like, why not? It was also in Austin, Minnesota, and I love Austin, Texas, so I figured it was a sign. It was also time for a gas fill-up. The stars were aligned.


Later on today we saw a truck full of pigs, but they were thankfully headed in the opposite direction of the Hormel factory. Which, by the way, is huge. I’m pretty sure it probably owns the town, which is why they can have a free museum that is basically one big advertisement (albeit educational).

So part of the SPAM experience was this simulation in which you attempted to package a brick of (fake) Spam. After you stopped the clock, they told you how many bricks the factory had packaged in that time.


I didn’t think 12 seconds was so bad. We also walked in on three guys playing a SPAM game show. It was all pretty silly, but pretty much exactly what you’d expect and what you want out of a random roadside attraction.

I also learned there are a lot of varieties of SPAM. And that Hormel manufactures the ChiChi’s line of products.


I ate SPAM as a kid, and I don’t remember hating it. It’s huge in Hawaii, and occasionally popular in sushi. They now even sell it in pouches like tuna. I can’t imagine that would look too appetizing, but it works.

We’re at a hotel for the night, we decided since we’ll be camping the next two nights, it would be nice to have the bed…and shower…and I needed the wifi to get some things done…We’re also going to hotel it up the night between the two camping nights and the four-night festival, when we will also be camping.

I can’t wait for the festival and am cautiously optimistic about camping for the next two nights. As long as I don’t encounter a bear, I’ll be fine. And I’ll be really proud of us afterward.


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