Let the Journey Begin


Hey guess what? I’m on a road trip trip trip! We just left St. Louis en route to the Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge in George, Washington.

I’m traveling with my friend Tracey, who I met last year while volunteering in Africa. She was driving cross country anyway, so I talked her into joining me at the fest and met her in St. Louis. (Hence the photo above of the Arch.)

We’ll spend tonight somewhere in glitzy South Dakota. We’re currently driving through northern Missouri, headed for Iowa. If things go as planned, we’ll go through Minnesota for a bit so I will be able to cross a new state off my list. Unfortunately we don’t have time to venture north enough for North Dakota. I guess Bismarck will require its own special trip one day.

The good news is there’s a WordPress app so no real excuse for me not to keep this updated.

We just walked into the bathroom for our first potty break, so that’s it for now.

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One Response to Let the Journey Begin

  1. Suzans says:

    Be safe and enjoy!!

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