First Aid Kit and Camping

Last week, First Aid Kit played a show between their sets at Coachella Weekend 1 and Coachella Weekend 2. I first heard of the Swedish sister set last year when Babs sent me this video for obvious reasons. (The obvious reasons being that my name is Mary Anne; and I like folk music, talented musicians/singers and awesome lyrics. Not that I have a son.)

Then their new album came out and I fell in love with the song Emmylou. So much that when they started playing it at the El Rey last week, I put my hands in the air and pressed record.

That song is pure magic.

As for this wkend, a few friends and I decided that after seeing how awesome Youtube’s live stream of Coachella was last weekend, we should project it on the wall of my patio, and camp out. We called it Fauxchella. And then we found out Youtube wasn’t streaming the second weekend of the fest.

Wunh wunh.

But we still wanted to camp out. So we did. Set up tents and everything. Projected movies (Friday, Spinal Tap, Bridesmaids) and random episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos up on the wall. Had a super fantabulous time. The sun woke us up early enough to beat the brunch crowd at a neighborhood spot, and we spent Saturday thrifting/antiquing. It was like a staycation of sorts. Then we came back and slept in the tents again. The skunks and other critters left us alone and the weather was much more agreeable than it would have been in the desert.

The result? Now I only want to watch things projected onto the wall of the patio.

And of course this morning after we took down the tents and put everything away we realized we didn’t really take any pictures.


I do have this one. Of the partial set-up (before we set up a second tent) Friday night. Enjoy.

It’s reasons like this the rule of thumb for real estate (even renting) is location, location, location. I share this huge patio with one other neighbor, and we’re good friends. So nice to have this space!!

In case you were wondering, the cops were never called…we DID order pizza the second night just to get the guy’s expression when he saw we were occupying the patio. I was taking a nap when he came tho, but I’m pretty sure he thought it was cool and wanted to quit working and hang out with us instead.

Meanwhile, one of our other neighbors made a good funny Saturday morning as he passed by our set up to get to the laundry room. “They’ll do anything for more rent.”

Good times had by all.

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