Looking At the World Through New Eyes

Before I get started, I feel I must confess that I’m dangerously close to walking to my neighborhood fro yo place in my pajamas to get dinner. Yes I said all that. Pajamas in public. Fro yo for dinner. Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

I figure it’s my only hope of running into Jon Hamm, the cute waiter, and every other attractive guy within a two mile radius all in the same place. Right?

I’m freshly showered, so I have that going for me.
And before you judge, I’m showered and pj’d before 8p because I worked out late this afternoon.


Ok so I went but I think we should all take comfort in the fact that I put a bra on. And a jacket. And it’s a Monday. There were neither hotties nor any somebodies that I used to know. AND I wasn’t the only one there in pjs. A woman was there with her son and they were both wearing footie pajamas.

Look at us making do without drive thrus!!

That’s not what I’m here to write about tho. I got new glasses!! It’s very exciting for a number of reasons.

First of all, glasses are not a new experience for me. I’ve worn them since I was two. But this is the first time I’ve ordered them through the mail. Or through the awesome company that is Warby Parker.

I’m so happy to find a glasses company operating under the one-for-one policy. Basically for every pair I buy (or you buy) they buy a pair for someone in need. Best of all, the glasses are much cheaper than the ones I usually get, so I was able to get more pairs!

I usually only get one pair. This time I got two. And I could still throw in a pair of RX sunglasses before meeting the price I usually pay.

They were delivered this am ,(I ordered them on Thurs, so that’s a pretty quick turnaround) and everything seems to be great. I had to adjust to the lenses, but that’s true with every new pair. I love the crispness new glasses offer. The frames are stylish and sturdy.

You can try them for free via the website, or do what I did, and get lucky enough to find a showroom in your neighborhood to take your wardrobe stylist friend to so she can help you.

I’ve picked out so many pairs by myself that as soon as she approved and I turned around and got approving comments from the others in the store, I was sold.

So without further ado…my new specs:

The ones on the left are much more similar to my previous pair and more within my comfort zone. I’m still getting used to the ones on the right – as they’re pretty different – but I actually like them for that reason. And when you wear glasses every day, the ability to mix them up is definitely a highlight. Especially when I feel like they each carry their own look.

For fun, I split-screened the ones on the right with a shot of me in Kindergarten, as the glasses – and looks – aren’t too different.

Aw, lil Mabsey!!

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