Camping Wkend Blowout 2012

Sometimes you just need to get out of the city…hit the country roads…then the gravel roads…then the dirt roads…until it’s you and a few friends. And the moon. And nature.

We drove out Friday, arriving just after dusk. Which – if you’re a camper, you know is an AWESOME time to set up camp. Luckily, my tent is easy and we were putting our various weenies on the grill in no time.

I was excited to break out my Go Girl and give it a whirl. I’ve had it for a while, but conveniently kept forgetting it at home when it would be useful. This time it was one of the first things I packed. I have to say tho…either I haven’t figured it out yet, or it’s not awesome. My neighbor’s gma swears by it, so I think it must be the former. I found that I still had to squat, which made my brag of “If I spell out my name in the sand, I’m gonna make y’all come and look” futile. I mean that’s the best part about peeing standing up, right? Writing things?

This was the set-up the first night. I mean, I obvs took this pic the next morning, but this was our locale.


The full moon was so big and so bright. A cloud cover made it even brighter. I tried several times to take pictures, but I forgot a tripod and my camera wasn’t having it. It was one of those things you had to be there to experience. We were able to sit around sans head lamps and see each other just fine.

Once upon a time I had a bad smores experience, so I was armed with Nutella and Wheat Thins as not to miss out on the snacky portion of the evening. That’s right. I don’t leave home without it.

I also had my Ipod full of podcasts….and when we randomly all woke up at 3h30a and were freezing, it was nice to have the Detective Stories episode of RadioLab to entertain us until we fell back asleep. (And then woke up because the sun was beating down on the tent and OMG get these 70 gazillion layers off me, I’m sweating!) Oh camping, I love you.

We heard beavers nearby, and for some reason the podcast really ticked off the bull frogs. We didn’t hear a peep out of them until we started listening.

I didn’t catch anything. At all. Except for the 17 that got away. They were THIS (!) big. My arms are outstretched, and if it’s true what they say about your armspan being your height, the ones that got away were just shy of 5 feet, 8 inches. Trophies for SURE.

Shawn caught some.

But they were no big deal compared to the ones he apparently usually catches.

Not impressed.

Contrary to his reaction, we ladies were like, Hooray! We got one! Apparently we only wanted ones over 30 pounds.

It was decided we were going to move along. First stop: town. Palo Verde. Glitzy! No stop light here! There was a gas station and a diner.

Which is where the party’s at!

Everything else in town seemed to be closed. Which is weird, because there were signs they get out-of-town visitors.

Next stop: Hippie Cove.

Complete with people cruising around blaring classic rock:

This is the first place I put my own line in. For the purpose of catching bait fish aka bluegill. I usually have no problem catching bluegill and sun fish…you know, when I’m trying to catch other things.

When I think of all my previous fishing trips, I’ve always been with my dad. Or my brother. Or a boyfriend. They’ve always taken care of things like nightcrawlers and taking the fish off the hook. I can do the other things. Give me a minnow, and I’ll hook it right through the eye. Give me hominy, and for every one I put on a hook, I’ll eat two. But we didn’t have minnows (or hominy), we had nightcrawlers. And I didn’t have my dad. Or brother. Or a boyfriend.

My friend Shawn took the opportunity to make me do it myself. And I did. And honestly didn’t even get as grossed out as I thought I would.

That's my Hippie Cove outfit.

Now that I think about it, maybe I’m glad I didn’t catch anything because I probably would have had to learn how to take the fish off the hook. (Dad! I still need you for that part!)

I also have no explanation for my fishing stance.

I'm parenthetical and I know it.

After I got my fill of casting and reeling in (and everyone else decided the water was a little too cold for swimming), we headed back to McDoyle’s for lunch before moving to our next location and having a little rest under a nearby tree.

Fishin' and stitchin'...that's me.

Magic hour at this new spot was ridonkulous.

The night before, the sun had set while we were driving in and it was so incredibly beautiful. We had a slightly different view this night, but still nothing to complain about. I do like it sometimes when I can’t get a picture of the moon or a sunset while I’m driving because it kinda forces you to be in the moment. As opposed to documenting it.

The second night the skies were clearer. The stars were out and everywhere. The moon was slightly smaller, but still pretty bright.

We may not have caught any fish to speak of, but we did catch the camping bug. We’re already trying to figure out where we’ll go next. This list is helping.

Maybe someone reading this has a suggestion? Facilities not required. We really roughed it this time, and everyone survived.

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2 Responses to Camping Wkend Blowout 2012

  1. lyndsaymc says:

    Hume Lake is awesome. There’s lots to do during the day (swimming, kayaking, lounging, fishing, daydreaming) and our family tries to go nearly every year. It’s a bit of a tote from your area but a wonderful location if you have the time.

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