First Day of My Life

Sometimes life wakes you up to things and bursts of clarity happen and, for a brief moment, you’re like…whoa. This all makes sense.

I’ve had that kind of a week. Random epiphanies that incredibly intersect.

I began putting a couple of things together earlier in the week, but it was last night at the second part of the Songwriting Seminar I’m volunteering at that something really clicked.

We were dissecting a song I’ve loved for years:

For some reason the phrase, “But I’d rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery” clung to my ribs like a heavy – yet delicious – meal. And for the first time, I got it. And altho I always knew it was a metaphor, I had previously glossed over it. Mostly because I was always enamored by (and caught up in the way) he so eloquently explained those magic moments when you a – realize you’re in love with someone and b – have them tell you the instant they fell in love with you.

And just as I was putting it all together as if the universe and my fairy godmother had decided they should cut me some slack and show me a few puzzle pieces, the other volunteer at my table (the dad-age one from last week) said, “I really love the line about working for a paycheck.”

Ok you guys. I get it. Loud and clear.

And here it is…by waiting for what you perceive as perfection whether that be in love (in the case of the song) or career or whatever it is you’re waiting for the ideal of, chances are you’re passing up on some really great things that at any moment could morph into what you’ve been looking for. Either through them changing or through YOU changing.

Just the night before I was having a convo with a friend about our respective careers, and he told me how he had meandered down all these tributaries to get to a destination that perhaps he didn’t at first set out to reach, but is better than he was prepared for.

I’ve never felt more open to what is headed my way. I really feel like I’m getting close to something with all these revelations.

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One Response to First Day of My Life

  1. Suzans says:

    Just dont leave God out of the picture!

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