Tired of Waiting

I’m watching How I Met Your Mother for research (for serious!) and was just reminded of this gem of a conversation.

The audio isn’t great in this particular clip (you’ll have to turn it up all the way), but the writing? It’s incredible.

I know all too well how Ted feels, and as a friend has gone through a recent break-up of a long-term relationship, we’ve been talking about these things a lot. I’ve been commended for making singledom look fun and proving you don’t have to have a man/partner to lead a full life. I appreciate these comments, and I do agree. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not thankful to know he’s out there looking for me too.

Yesterday one of my friends (who isn’t optimistic when it comes to her own love life) put it in a way nobody had said out loud to me before. Which is, that she said, “That guy you think you like isn’t single right now [when you’re ready] because he’s not the right one for you.” She went on to say (paraphrasing), “You didn’t get that job because it wasn’t the one you’re supposed to have.”

(I know there are people with way worse problems, and I often think of the illustration about wanting to trade in your burdens until you see the ones everyone else has to carry. I’m just wondering if they’ve figured out a way to sell patience online yet. Are you there Google Shopping? It’s me, Mary Anne.)

As far as this particular gal pal not being optimistic about her own life…Isn’t it funny how we treat others better than we treat ourselves when it comes to things like this? It’s like we always know what to say to build friends up or to support colleagues, but crumble under self doubt when we’re in the same situation. I’ve taken great strides to improve my outlook, and am now much better at recognizing those moments and opportunities to talk to myself like a friend. I also remind myself to make decisions as if I were watching someone else and giving them advice. Ok, so that last bit came out of a convo I had with a psychic last summer, but it’s TOTALLY a great way to think.

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One Response to Tired of Waiting

  1. Suzans says:

    Why you are still single and unemployed is a mystery to me cause you are the coolest person and best writer there is!

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