Things I’m Looking Forward To

I’m so excited about the following exhibitions that I haven’t closed their tabs on my browser so that I don’t forget to tell you about them.

1. Play Me, I’m Yours.

Thirty pianos, designed and decorated by local artists and community organizations, are featured across Los Angeles County and are available for everyone to play.

I need to solicit a partner in crime to go to every single one of these pianos and play Heart and Soul with me. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Even more exciting is that it all kicks off with 30 pianists simultaneously playing Bach at the various pianos at noon on April 12. Mark your calendars!!!

I saw the Cows on Parade in both Chicago and Paris, but I feel like I’m going to enjoy this so much more. I mean, they were cows! (I just said that a la Sammy in The Wedding Singer. “They were cones!”)

Ok, so if there’s one thing I would get more excited about than an exhibition about playable pianos peppered throughout the city. It’s gnomes. Or Airstreams. Or…UNDERWEAR.

2. St. Louis does several things right. But one of the biggest ones is museums. The art and history ones are both free. And located in Forest Park. Picnics! Tulips! Boats! The zoo! Possibilities are endless.

I’m not sure where I first read murmurs of an underwear-through-the-ages exhibit coming to the Missouri History Museum this summer. But I do know I will plan my next trip home around it. I love that it’s going to be called Underneath it All. I wonder if they’ll have Gwen Stefani on in the background. (That song was mixtape magic, yo.)

Despite not being a fan of pants (unless they’re of the pajama variety), I love underwear. So much. It’s probably my favorite thing to shop for. And in one of my few (maybe only) OCD characteristics, I religiously match my underwear to my outfit. Every day. Even if nobody every sees it, underwear is important, y’all.

So that’s why I’m so glad it’s getting its due in the Lou.

Even more fun? They might still need stuff! Did anyone save their training bras? Underoos? Your dirty drawers (obvs pronounced “draws”) could be part of history!!

Foot note: If you’re ever lucky enough to meet the 4/5 year old version of my little sister, you should ask her to do her impression of my gma putting on her girdle. You won’t be disappointed. In addition, get her to laugh like Webster. Because she totally can. I’ll see if she can still do either as an adult, and get it on video if so.

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4 Responses to Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Suzans says:

    I will nevef forget looking out the kitchen wi.dow in time to see Melody demonstrating to several neighbors how gma pulled up her grdle (or was it pantyhose, same motions for either!!)

  2. Ellen C. says:

    One of my co-workers got married in front of one of the pianos when the exhibit was in New York. So cool! Here’s a link to their story if you’re interested.

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