Sunday Funday

A fun thing happens when people know you like to do spontaneous things and are always up for an adventure. People (aka friends) call you up and say, “Hey! It’s really sunny outside. Do you want to go on a hike or to the beach or something?”

This may also be communicated via text.

And that’s the moment I realized I haven’t been to the beach in too long. So I jumped on the beach bandwagon. I had also seen something about big waves. This particular friend hadn’t been to one of my tourist-stop beaches, Manhattan…so I suggested it.

This is why Manhattan works so well. Yes Malibu is beautiful. For beaching. But today was going to be windy and not lay-in-the-sand kinda weather. So we needed things to walk around and see and do and, as it turned out…Manhattan Beach provided all of that…and more.

I was worried about parking, but we scored a free street spot on the way down the hill. None of us are afraid of walking so it worked out really well.

First up: the shops. The Beehive in particular. This store just gets me in a “I know you’ll fall in love with this dress because it’s long and has birds on it and ties just where it needs to in order to be uber flattering to your less than supple bosom, but you might wanna take all that infatuation down a notch because it costs $237 and you don’t have a job and are in the process of paying back ridiculous medical bills” kinda way.


Unfortunately, because I like to perpetuate patterns, I kept liking things in the store. We decided we should head down the street a bit and see if we could find sugar daddies. (I don’t even know if I’m kidding anymore.)

What up, Dog?

So the street leading down to the pier is such that you can see the water for a couple blocks before you get to it. We could see the surf was indeed high. The waves were also crashing back by the end of the pier (as opposed to closer to the beach).

It was beautiful. And a great display of the power of nature. (Overstating a bit. A hurricane is the only natural disaster I’ve not witnessed, and I’m sure this is only a smidgen of the power displayed in that kind of storm. PS I’m ok with never having witnessed a hurricane.)

Anyway so, waves!!!

Now I’ll preface the next picture with a kind reminder that it was REALLY windy. And I had decided against pinning my hair up – or let’s face it – trying to do anything to prevent it from doing exactly what it did.

I was also in a much cuter outfit under what is apparently my adventure hoodie. But it was cold on that pier, y’all.

I again took full advantage of all photo ops.

I just remembered how much I liked the movie Soul Surfer and how it made me cry so hard that I didn’t feel an earthquake. Because I was sobbing. True story.

Can you guys believe I’m single? I’m listening to Adele right now if that helps paint the picture.

On the way down to the sand, I was demonstrating the importance of intonation and punctuation in a phrase like “Surf’s up.” or “What about Bob?” and then we started talking about liking things like oxymoron games and bananagrams and Words With Friends. We had some good laughs wondering if our word nerdiness was directly related to our relationship statuses (stati?) and then decided to start scheduling game nights because who doesn’t like Catch Phrase?!

We walked and talked along the water and then headed back up to the drag to people watch and get some eats.

When I say “people watch” I mean, was that Piers Morgan? (It was, I just looked up to confirm that he has a young baby and a slightly older, but still young, wife.) We also had first row seats to some ladies (who weren’t us) getting hit on by a guy with a thick accent. And you can use your imagination as to the number of pregnant girls and daddies wearing/carrying babies we saw. (A lot.) And the shirtless joggers we saw who made me consider acting like I like exercise to impress. (2) And then there was the young toddler being pushed in a stroller while she carried an iPad. (True story.) I’ve seen a lot of kids drop and/or throw things from a stroller so I’m not sure I would be that brave, but to each their own.

We ate at Simmzy’s. The ONLY con I have to this place was the wait and the hostess’ disorganization. I’m cool with waiting. It’s a small spot, and worth it. But there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to how she sat people. As opposed to who had been waiting the longest. It was super weird.

That being said, once we were sat, the food was good (I had a hummus burger and shoestring fries). I also had a Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider. Yes. I did just say that, and no, I had never heard of it before either. I’m going to ask my liquor store to stock it for me. (While we have a good relationship, that doesn’t mean they’ll do it for me, but they’ve been open to similar things in the past.) It’s that good. Goes down way too smooth, tho. Seriously. It tasted like soda.

Despite our full bellies, we had seen a number of people seductively licking ice cream cones as we waited for our table so we decided to have a little dessert. Go big or go home, right?

I saw some peeps at the corner with some treats so I walked up and was all, “You guys. Where did you get that ice cream?” (Direct quote.)

Cue the Manhattan Beach Creamery. Mint chip FTW.

Let’s just say none of us complained about the walk uphill back to the car.

A great day of unexpected fun.

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