Sew, this happened…

Yesterday I got a text from my friend Babs asking me to make some alterations to a dress she had bought.

A dress that looked like this:

She wanted to take the top off and make it into a bird skirt. I hemmed and hawed. Yes, I have a sewing machine, and yes I have fixed a couple of things for myself, but doing things for friends? I haven’t yet ventured into that zone. I’m by no means an expert or a seamstress. I have sewing goals, tho. And Babs knows this. So she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She came over this am, some seam ripping happened, and I got to work.

Why, yes...I do welcome guests into my home whilst still wearing pajamas.

It mostly went smoothly.

Closer Look

Yes I was in the process of re-threading. I did a lot better before the camera came out. But it wasn’t too long before this happened:

Ta da!!

We both agree it’s much better as a skirt than a dress. And altho I didn’t do a perfect job, I was working on the lining and in the underside of the waistband, so my work can’t really be seen. It was more of a functional than a fashionable fix.

It was confidence building, and I know the more I do, the more I’ll enjoy it, and the better I’ll get.

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2 Responses to Sew, this happened…

  1. hrhuntington says:


  2. Suzans says:

    WOW i am impressed! Good job! Youll have to tell gma She will be so proud!!

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