Sh*t Girls Say

A friend and I did one of our favorite staircase walks this afternoon. I’m not sure what we were talking about immediately before the following convo, but I’m guessing/hoping it was relevant.

Me: B said I looked skinny yesterday.
K: You do. Your thighs don’t touch anymore. I kinda hate you. I mean, I know it sucked, but…
Me: Yeah I threw up for like two days. (And haven’t really had much of an appetite since…I blame increased water consumption.)
K: I guess we’re right at the size where it makes a difference.
Me: Yeah it’s like 5 pounds.
K: I guess you don’t have to go abroad this year.

(We often joke about my trips abroad being how I maintain my size because I inevitably end up with a stomach bug. I think I’d rather be more consistent about eating right and yoga/working out, but…whatever works?)

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