Grammy Post-Mortem

I have a couple of posts brewing re things I didn’t have time to write down/publish last week and this past wkend, but tonight while watching the Grammys, a friend asked why I wasn’t live blogging them. That might give you an idea of how much commentary I was spewing, so I decided to share a few of my thoughts here. Not that they’ll change the world or anything…but maybe you agree and we can relish in our common likes and dislikes.

In unrelated news, I came home to a house that smells a lot like skunk. That’s not a creative drug reference. I have three little skunk friends, and it seems one of them got mad tonight. In the two years I’ve been here, it’s the first time the smell has permeated the walls of my house, which I think is pretty lucky considering how often I see them. I like to say I have “watch skunks” as I’m pretty sure anyone who would try to break in would be quickly deterred. Juan keeps post outside my bedroom window like a little Buckingham Palace guard.

Long story short, it stinks up in here.

And now…some of my Grammy reax:

1. The Boss. Yes.
2. JHud. Well done. So. well. done. Perfect.
3. Adele. Uh-maze-zing. Welcome back. Well deserved. Everything. Get it girl.
4. The Civil “We’d like to thank all our opening acts tonight” Wars. Ok. We all know I love them. But I think everybody would agree that instead of several people getting to perform multiple times they could have at least performed Barton Hollow in its entirety. For serious. I mean, they were actually singing. And are incredible musicians…which brings me to:
5. Chris Brown got to perform twice?! And a standing ovation?! As one friend acknowledged, we’re all still mad at Michael Vick, but Chris Brown gets a pass? Oh and when I say “perform” I of course mean dance along to his own track, because that’s all he did.
6. Mumford & Sons was there. Why couldn’t they play?
6. a. Or Drake. He’s popular.
7. Or Bon Iver?! BTW, this win made my heart happy. I love me some Holocene. But Dear America, they’re no new artist.
8. Nicki Minaj. WTH was that? Nope.
9. Katy Perry. I liked it.
10. While I was loving me some The Civil Wars/Taylor combo, a friend was pulling up video of her doing a very similar performance at another recent awards show. Why they didn’t have the trio perform their new song from the upcoming Hunger Games soundtrack, I’m not sure. It could have been like this:

Amazing, right? Why not recreate that on your show celebrating great music?!

11. In other combo news, The Beach Boys tribute could have been way better, and John Stamos should have been on the drums. DUH.
12. The Coldplay/Rihanna thing was just confusing. I mean, why?
13. PS In case you were wondering, ladies DO love LL Cool J…That opening was sensitive and sincere.

FYI, I know Chris Brown wasn’t the only one to perform more than once. Paul McCartney also got two showings (I preferred the second), and Bruce returned for the finale, which marked the Foos third time on stage?! It just doesn’t make sense.

I’m really just mad about Chris Brown.

Also aside from a few performances, audio really sucked. Most of the performers had their ear pieces pulled out so you know it sucked for them too…how does audio get a pass on a music awards show?

Finally…if it’s going to be called an awards show…hand out awards. Otherwise it’s just a concert special. Call it was it is, but pick one.

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One Response to Grammy Post-Mortem

  1. Lyndsay says:

    Yes! I agree on all points. AUGH Chris Brown! He’s a woman beater. Why has everyone forgotten this? Why did he get so many turns…? Frustrating. Oh, and I didn’t like the outside stage stuff. Too confusing and weird. Bring everyone inside the big top, one performance per artist, no Paul M, more live acts with MUSICAL TALENT. It is the Grammys afterall.

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