Junk Drawer Discoveries

As I usually do this time of year, I cleaned out my junk drawer in the kitchen in order to collect receipts from the past year for tax preparation. As neurotic as I am, organization is not my strong suit, altho I would counter that my system is semi-organized to me, and has worked for this long.

Anywho, I discovered quite a few things in the drawer this time…and not just change or paraffin wax or pens or batteries or a broken all-in-one tool like Aron Ralston used to cut his arm off. (You never know!)

I found expired coupons. I only save the ones I think I’ll use, so that’s probably a system that needs to be revised. I also found an expired gift certificate and $10 in Gap dollars that have lost their value.

Other gift cards:
– Sonic
– Yogurtland
– Chick-Fil-A (that’s in addition to the cards I still have from the camp out)
– Ralph’s
– free movie at Regal Cinemas

I’m not sure the value on any of these, but given my current situation and the fact that I like to plan travel like someone with a healthy bank account, I should definitely be checking them out.

I also rediscovered my passport card which I loved the idea of, but have yet to use. I’m seriously considering it as an option for the cruise as soon as I confirm that will be ok.

My catch-all drawer is also where I keep my scuba diver certification card. Does it bother anyone else that just because I passed some tests back in 2008 I’m good for life even tho I haven’t dove in years? When we were in Thailand in 2009, one organization offered to let me dive with a friend (who had never dove before) and we would be each other’s buddies. I wasn’t comfortable with it then, and I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable with it now. For either of our sakes.

It’s weird because I never really fell in love with scuba diving. I like it, but I don’t need to travel the world doing it every chance I get. That being said, I like that I can do it. I guess it’s in the same category as driving a stick shift. But with much better scenery.

Speaking of digging in the past, my previous blog’s site required some comment maintenance, which led to an embarrassing amount of time spent reliving random parts of 2007-2009. You guys. I used to see so many movies and meet so many interesting people and have so many fun exchanges. I hate how horrible my memory is, and the fact that I haven’t kept/don’t keep better diaries and journals.

In related news, I contacted Myspace to see if there was any way to recover all my old blogs (read: The Paris Days) and they replied saying that there wasn’t. Which might be a good thing, because judging from tonight I would waste a lot of hours reading about how things used to be instead of living in the now and making things happen.

That being said, here’s a gem from November 21, 2008…mostly because I still love Mark Ruffalo and it’s a great story.

(Also in case you don’t know me in real life, I used to be a producer for Reelzchannel wherein I would interview actors, actresses and filmmakers at junkets and premieres and film festivals and things. Currently seeking employment, so if you know of anything, hook a sister up.)

Back in Toronto in September, I interviewed Mark for Blindness. When he saw me back then, he was like, “I know you.” And I was like, “I don’t think so.” But he was sure of it. Our interview then went super well and we had a good time and his phone rang and he wanted me to have extra time and then we started talking about dining in the dark, which I did in Paris and he is interested in doing.

Fast forward to yesterday and the junket for What Doesn’t Kill You. The movie is based on the life of the director and it involves crime and drugs and prison. Mark played the main character and I interviewed him and the director together.

Ok so I was sitting in the hall waiting for the interviews to start. Mark walked down the hall and was saying hi to all of the other reporters and then he got to me. He was like HEY! all excited like and grabbed my hand. He was like, “How are you?” and I was like, “You’ve lost so much weight! Why are you so skinny?” And the other reporters were like, “What do you have going on with Mark Ruffalo?”

Then I went into the other suite to interview Amanda Peet.

Next it was my turn for Mark and the director, Brian Goodman. I walked in and introduced myself to Brian and asked Mark if the weight loss was for a movie and he said it wasn’t and asked if it was really that noticeable. And I answered yes, but maybe it was just the beard that was emphasizing it. Then I told him he looked emo. To which he said “what IS emo? that’s a younger generation term.” I rolled my eyes and told him we are in the same generation and that he isn’t that much older than me. Then he said “yes I am.” Then I said “no you’re not.” And then I started talking to Brian and Mark said “yes I am.”

For the record, I just looked it up and Mark is 40. I am 30. I would consider that of the same generation as he’s in my dating age window. Also for the record, he is married with children and we are not dating or going to date.

Ok so I interview them about the movie and they’re both really emotional and the junket people are trying to wrap me, but they’re still talking and I’m not going to cut them off so I let them talk and we go over time but we’re in this crazy emotional conversation. It comes to a breaking point and I say something they agree with and scoot to the edge of my chair to signify the end of the interview. I then stand up (which as it works out is right in front of them) and I look at these guys and Mark’s eyes are glistening and I’m like I feel like we need a group hug right now. They both opened their arms and stood up and we had a hug. And then Brian came in for an individual hug and Mark peeks over his shoulder and says “He’s single.”

I die.

I’ve reached out to a few outlets and former employers in the off chance someone needs me to do some interviewing at SXSW. If nothing else, I am volunteering for the film side, so I’ll get to be back in that world…

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