All the Good Ones Are Gone

Nope…not guys…I’m keeping hope alive in that arena.
I’m talking about online dating usernames.

Have you ever tried to come up with one?

Probably not, unless you’re looking for love online. I tried my usual nicknames. Apparently they’re other people’s nicknames too. I stopped short of just throwing some random numbers on there because I overthink things and what numbers would I put? My birth year? There’s a 7 in front! My favorite number is 3 which didn’t seem to differentiate enough. My address and/or pin number didn’t seem like good ideas. And you know what? I didn’t WANT a number in my username. I wanted to find an original name that said something about me.

I read an article on the subject.

Which reminded me…I don’t want anything that could be construed as slutty. Or boring.

My last name lends itself to lots of fun puns, but I didn’t really want my last name on an online dating site. It also – in some contexts – didn’t pass the slutty rule.

I toyed with the idea of “PutABabyInsideMe” and while it made every girl I told laugh, we decided guys would probably not respond kindly if at all…That being said, I really wanted to see if it was even available, but if it would have been then it would have become my name so I resisted the urge.

Instead I started taking submissions from friends.

As if this process wasn’t fun enough, when a name is not available, this particular website offers alternatives. And let’s just say, they’re not alternatives you – (if you’re anything like me) – would consider using.

DescriptiveFlower? Are they serious? Are they working for or against me here? Same with you, PunkinTravelBug. Gross.

I went the song lyric route…even random Mumford & Sons titles were taken. I understand there are millions of people on this site, but how can there be someone thinking the same things I am?

Then I came up with it. I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. JamesonGinger. So perfect. And so perfectly taken. But don’t worry. They gave me AlluringDumpling as an alternative.

You guys. I was still going to have to fill out my profile after all this. Interest and excitement was waning. To say the least.

So I turned to my cousin and his gf. They met on this particular site and were one of the success stories I was basing my decision on. (Seriously in the last month alone, I have met or heard about two couples who got married, one couple who is engaged, and one couple who is two years in dating-wise. I feel like odds are good. And so much better that so many great people are turning (or have turned) to online dating sites. Makes me feel better about it.)

We came up with a name that I won’t reveal here as I don’t want a google search of it to ever connect this blog to random people I chat with on there, but it fits well and didn’t require a random number.

In other romance news, this is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve read all week. Le sigh.

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3 Responses to All the Good Ones Are Gone

  1. heather says:

    PutABabyInsideMe FTW

  2. shelly williams says:

    are you kidding me with that surprise wedding story? amazeballs.

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