This is Your Brain on Drugs

I’ve been having trouble falling asleep at a reasonable time and staying asleep through the night…not a new problem, but still…annoying.

In the past, to get me back on a schedule, I’ve enlisted the help of Advil PM.

Last night I used Ambien.

My travel doctor prescribes Ambien every time I travel, but I prefer xanax on long flights and again, Advil PM to regulate sleep patterns. I’m not a fan of Ambien, so while I’ll carry it on trips just in case, I mostly avoid it. And I’ve never taken it at home.

I crawled into bed within 10 minutes of taking it because I know people who have fallen and cracked their head open and I didn’t want that to be me. I thought about my kitchen and I wondered what – if anything – I would sleepeat. I imagined waking up with Nutella smeared everywhere.

I put my computer away so as not to purchase or post anything.

I’m currently reading The Night Circus so I began reading…until I started thinking things that were so obscure I had to stop and write them down. (None of them correspond to anything that was happening in the book at the time.)

On a boat bed
The floor is water
Kinda like Punkys flower cart bed

Wall heater seems to be dancing but nothing else on wall is moving

Heard a husky Dolly Parton say something about Zelda or similar name y-u-y-x

They had a #2 hush it flush it
Something about mom letting us stay

I’m not sure what husky Dolly Parton was trying to tell me, but “they had a #2 hush it, flush it” is the best thing ever.

I also slept at least 9 hours. Maybe 10. Straight through. It was awesome.

And I’m all “this is why people do drugs!” and then I’m all “this is what the beginning of addiction feels like” because I so very much want to do it again tonight and see what other random thoughts come out.

But I won’t…because I don’t want to use it for recreation reasons and then not have it should I need it again.

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One Response to This is Your Brain on Drugs

  1. heather says:

    hush it flush it is like perfect word salad. nice work. as would be smearing your apartment with nutella.

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