Let’s Get Physical

Alright, so as it turns out, I didn’t shred this wkend.
But it wasn’t like I was completely lazy.

On Saturday, S and I rode for six miles on the LA River bike path. We surprised ourselves at how easy the ride was. It was perfect for my achy worked-out legs. And a great way to enjoy the sunshine.

At the six-mile point, we ventured (still on the bikes) into the nearby neighborhood to peruse yard sales and look at houses.

I had read about Atwater Village Farm so we headed there. I love it! The basic idea is that it’s all of the local things you can usually get at the area farmer’s markets all in one place! Which is perfect if you want or need something and it’s not a Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday. (Isn’t it awesome that I can walk to farmers’ markets three out of seven days of the week?!)

We met Farmer Piper who dazzled us with stories about produce and the Beastie Boys. Produce: I saw something I didn’t recognize (I can’t remember the name of it now) and she not only explained to me what it was, but how to cook and eat it! As for the Beastie Boys, they used to record in the studio above where the store is now located.

The store has been open for like seven weeks. And I love the idea of a small neighborhood grocer with local goods. Damn the man! Save the Empire!

Best of all, they carry the goods of my favorite jam man: Coldwater Canyon! Los Angelinos, if you happen to spot him at a market, your Costco taste test lucky. I love the strawberry-rhubarb jam and the bread-and-butter pickles. (Not together.) I’m also about to get my hands on a jar of Black Mission Fig jam that I’m pretty excited about.

So yeah, I like knowing that if I run out of jam and can’t find Rondo, I can head over to AVF and replenish my stash.

Other than the bike ride, I also walked a great deal Saturday night in Hwood between getting drinks and getting dinner. In heels (which should add something). And then today I cleaned house, which I think I read once burns calories. I’ll be honest tho, and say that I doubt the way I clean house really does much. But at least the place looks good and smells nice.

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