The Vow

Last night I saw a screening of The Vow. On the way home I decided the last thing I wanted to do was go home and be alone. I thought briefly of picking up some Hamm’s and sitting on the couch, but knew that what I really wanted was be out and about. So I texted a few neighborhoodies. No dice. Not tonight. They may have all been in their pajamas. If I was to do it, I’d be on my own.

Now. The Vow. It’s no The Notebook, but it’s a pretty fantastic story. And it’s true. Sure it was sappy at times, but I felt it, and there were tears in my cleavage so I can hardly judge it harshly. (Not nearly as many tears as The Notebook. Altho they were handing out promotional boxes of kleenex before the screening.) Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, I love him) had a hand in the screenplay. He probably wrote the vows. Which I still go back and forth thinking they were impossibly cheesy and being concerned I will come up with something as great.

So yeah. Drinks. Lucky for me I live in an awesome neighborhood. When it came time to choose where to go, four easily walkable places sprang to mind. I made my decision based on ambiance and suspected clientele. It’s one of my favorite spots, so I knew I would feel comfortable.

Oftentimes when I travel, I’ve found myself in an Irish pub or French cafe or Hawaiian Tiki sitting solo, but vacation is somehow different when it comes to eating and drinking alone. This would be the first time I ventured out for night out in the hood with no plans to meet up with others.

My goal was one drink. Three drinks later I came out friends with the bartenders, FB friends with one of their wives, and glad for the short walk home.

The only available bar stool was at the far end. Not great for socializing, or so I thought. I ordered the mixed drink I usually get and just kinda sat there for a bit. What do people do at bars by themselves? Besides text…you know, like they’re waiting for someone. I had convinced myself I was sitting next to Bryce Dallas Howard, even tho I knew she recently had a baby and probably wouldn’t be sitting in a bar drinking wine. Or would she? Who was I to say what she would or wouldn’t be doing? I was sitting next to Hollywood royalty! I made the mental note that she looked great for just having a baby, which is probably something I should have added when I told the girl (after we started talking) that I had thought she looked like BDH and she replied, “Didn’t she just have a baby?”

So one of the bartenders who had been kindly chatting me up hands me a mix cd and suddenly we’re all friends. We’re making a group decision on which drink I should try next. We’re talking about upcoming events. I’m bonding with a regular over the perils of motion sickness. We wonder why I haven’t been going there every week.

Suddenly it’s time for drink 3 and all I know is I much preferred drink 1 to drink 2. I say that and Not-BDH asks her hubs to make me a drink he made her that one time. She tells me it has tequila in it. I’m not a fan of tequila, but I go for it.

I have to say I couldn’t taste the tequila, but that might have had something to do with Drinks 1 & 2.

Things are winding down and my new friends start to leave.

I closed my tab and see he charged me for 2 drinks, not 3. Now that’s the sign of a mission accomplished. And it wasn’t bad, the whole going-to-a-bar-alone thing. And the best thing is, next time I go, I won’t be alone because I’ll already know peeps. And it’s always good to be friends with the bartender.

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One Response to The Vow

  1. Suzan says:

    Ok this one scares me. Try to remember you can’t always trust strangers.

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