Exorcise vs. Exercise

As Grammar Girl puts it, only one deals with evil spirits.

But, oh, how I disagree.
Exercising is evil. I sure hope I reach a point where I enjoy it, or at least tolerate better, because otherwise, there’s no point.

And so concludes Day 3 of the 30-day Shred.

After my night out last night, I slept super poorly/not at all. For absolutely no reason. It was like I came home, took a nap, woke up at 5 and was like, Yeah! Let’s do this! Give it up for Friday! Except I wasn’t like, yeah! I was like: what could those birds possibly be talking about?! I swear I have the equivalent of a bird water cooler in the tree outside my bedroom window, and those little darlings were chatting up a storm this morning!!

As I lay there counting down from 100 and watching Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle youtube videos and doing everything I could to not stimulate my mind past the point of going back to sleep, I was trying to imagine the convos.

At first I thought the highest-pitched one was p*ssed.

“I did NOT fly all the way over here for you to not be ready to go when I got here.”
(mumbled excuses)

Then I decided they weren’t in bad moods at all. And spent a good too many minutes trying to figure out what makes birds happy. The sunrise? A good tailwind breeze? Mild temps? Finding nest material? The possibilities are endless.

What I wasn’t doing was falling back to sleep.

Long story short too late, I allowed myself to be extremely lazy today. Like lazy-er than I’ve been in a very, VERY long time. Like lay on the couch and watch movies in my pajamas all day.

My biggest accomplishments were the faux sausage breakfast sandwich and brie and pear dinner sandwiches I made. And the cutting up of some strawberries. Y’all. LAZY.

My neighbor got home from work before I could walk the 10 steps over to her house and shred. After the fact, I was really upset I hadn’t done it. Already caving at day three? I was disappointed in myself.

Then I met some friends at a local bar and got some tough love from one of them who was basically like, “You couldn’t do three days in a row?”

I felt awful. So I came home, got in my car, and went to the store to buy some cookies.

When I came back, I checked youtube, and sure enough…there was my shred workout. So tonight – in the 10-o’clock hour – I shredded in my own living room. Using canned goods for weights.

And it wasn’t easy, but I sure feel much better knowing I did it.
Added bonus? When you work out at your own house you don’t have to wear pants! (You should, however, wear underpants. I’m not a weirdo.)

I had kinda thought I would take the wkend off and go biking or stair climbing instead. But in order to remain consistent, I think I’m going to stick with level one for both tomorrow and Sunday. And then maybe throw in a bike ride or walk and stair climb.

Wherein days one and two left the tops of my thighs and shoulders burning, today I definitely felt it in my calves. And who’s going to complain about sculpted calves? Not this girl.

27 days to go.

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One Response to Exorcise vs. Exercise

  1. Lyndsay says:

    Some days it’s hurts my body too much just doing circuit 1 and I pretend I’m punching her in the face during the boxing cardio part. Not proud, but hey, it gets me through the 20 minutes.

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