Ok guys, get excited.
I’ve dug deep into my external hard drive and come out with pictures of one of my most favoritest nights and experiences in Paris.

I found these pix in an album called One Night in Paris. Because it was that awesome. Much more awesome than anything else named One Night in Paris, I assure you.

If you ever find yourself in Paris. You must go to Refuge des Fondues.

Picture it. Fondue and wine. In baby bottles. (The wine, not the fondue.)

Viande ou fromage? Les deux!

I love fondue. And wine. And if you think drinking through a straw gets you drunk fast, you should try a baby bottle nipple because. Wow. But first. The logistics.

The place is teeny tiny. And – not surprisingly – gets crowded. It’s comprised basically (if memory serves) of two long tables against each wall with a little walkway in between. You literally have to climb over the table to get to your seat if you’re against the wall. And you make friends quickly with the people you sit next to.

Aw, look at MAB circa 2006! Francine was there with her BF. We ended up hitting the town with them afterward. But first things first. Let’s cook!

Does this look done?

I wanna be there right now!!

Bottle's Up

I wonder if Francine is flashing the peace sign or referring to the fact that I’m finishing my second bottle.

This was the night we first ventured to a bar called Footsie*, where we ended up befriending a group of locals who kept us out til the wee small hours of the morning.

In related news, this was also the night I kissed a boy on the street like a good Parisian.

Le sigh.

*I was excited to see when we were in Austin for NYE that a similar bar is opening soon there. It’s such a great concept and super fun.

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