The Wheels Are Turning

You guys.

I just stumbled onto a blog by a girl who drove across country in a Winnebago. By herself.

My next stop was Craigslist, where I wasn’t disappointed.

Unfortunately for me – sort of – is the fact that you can’t drive an Airstream. You have to tow one. Except that eliminates her other issue of needing a car to tool around in whilst  you’re stationed at a campground. Which makes it kind of perfect.

The main stumbling blocks continue to be:

1. There’s no way my lil TC can tow a trailer. Which means I’d have to somehow buy (or borrow for a significant amount of time) a truck or similar vehicle. (And get super comfortable driving all of that.)

2. I would need a place to park the Airstream. Like before and after trips. I definitely think I could fit an 18-footer on my patio, it would just be super tricky getting it parked there. In light of recent revelations regarding the condition of my roof, my landlords might be a little more lenient, as I’ll most likely at some point soon have to find temporary short-term lodging in order for them to repair things. But it’s no guarantee they would be cool with it as a possible longer-term solution.

Is it even humanly possible to back a trailer down a long driveway and then turn it at a 90 degree angle. Probably not, huh?

I’ll get this figured out yet.
Keep the dream alive.

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2 Responses to The Wheels Are Turning

  1. Jalonie says:

    OR…you could just walk across America like this guy did: 🙂
    (I would defintely read about your journey…either way!)

  2. Suzan says:

    You could park the airstream on one of many trailer parks out there and just live there. Your park rental would be far less than rent. But you still have need of a heavy duty vehicle to haul it. So in your search for your guy, make sure he has one.

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