I had an interview today. Like for a job.

If I’m being honest to myself and to you, it was the first one I’ve had in several months. I was hired over the phone for my short gig last August, and well, the interviews to volunteer aren’t all that nerve-wracking.

As I ascended the elevator to the office I drove an hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to, I had a moment where I was all: am I ready for this to be over? “This” being the job freedom I’ve enjoyed over the last (mumble mumble) months.

Sure I’ve come close to a few jobs lately, but never more than a serious phone call.

Here I was dressed cute, hair done, makeup on…the whole nine.

So I sit down with the guy and he asks how I got there.

My initial thought was “I took the 10 to Bundy,” but we had just met so I wasn’t sure yet if he would get my humor. So instead, I told him the truth.

I had seen a couple of similar postings. Googled a couple of key things. Came up with a company. Googled it. Found a LinkedIn user connected to said company. Saw that she and I had worked at E! around the same time. I messaged her asking about any possible openings and she gave me your email addy.

Social networking FTW.

FYI, I sent him an email with my resume attached at about 6h30ish (Weds night). He responded within 3 minutes asking if I could come in today (Thursday). I asked for time and place, he said 10a.

Ok so we’re back in his office. Where he reveals he hasn’t even looked at my resume. He wanted me based on my cover letter. He liked my personality IN MY COVER LETTER. So of course once he saw my resume, he was a little put off at the lack of specific experience blah blah blah but he loved my personality.

A knock on the door and another guy walks in and takes a seat. By now we’re at the level of being able to joke around with each other and it’s all kinds of fun. We talk more about me. About all the volunteering and traveling and things that make me sound awesome to other people.

They talk about how the show requires a lot of people to all get along and that’s why personality is so important and can actually override experience. How the important thing is getting in there and being a go-getter and adapting. All while being the new kid. I tell them we moved every four years so I know a thing or two about being a new kid. Then while one of the guys and I are talking about the benefits of moving around a lot, we pick the brain of the other guy who lives less than three miles from where he grew up. An LA native no less.

I tell them all the ways my skill set can be translated to fit their needs. That I’m a fan of the show. That I’ve watched several seasons of it. I got specific. I had ideas. I gave them my ideas. They liked my ideas.

(Really I told them my favorite thing they had already done and gave them one brand new idea. Because the phrase “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free” totally applies here.)

Sure they kept reiterating the experience thing, but they also kept talking about my personality. It was confusing. They liked my willingness to drop everything and go. I asked them where we would be going exactly. They got coy and started turning papers over on the desk. And while I can read upside down, I unfortunately can’t read through paper.

I think we were about half an hour in at this point.

So the next thing was for me to meet someone else. A lady. She was nice, but definitely more all business and specifics. Like of my resume. We talked about my personality again, and she let me know that there were no SPECIFIC openings right now but they were in pre-pro and they have another show and they kinda always need people and they didn’t know how things would shuffle out and nicetomeetcha.

The original guy walked me out and told me to K-I-T and check in if I don’t hear from him…

And that was it.

From the high of such a quick response and interview request to the moment of uncertainty when I learned he hadn’t looked at my resume to the fun banter to the logistics lady…what a roller coaster.

But like a first date, I always consider interviews to be good practice. And besides, I will rarely – if ever – complain about meeting/talking to new people.

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  1. Lyndsay says:

    I know you can’t/shouldn’t/don’t want to, but I sure wish I knew which show you applied for. 🙂 Then again maybe you shouldn’t. If it was something like Parenthood I just might pass out.

  2. Um, if it was something like Parenthood *I* would pass out. Ha!!

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