The Great Outdoors

It has been an unbelievably mild and beautiful January so far here in Lala land. More than once in the past week I have talked myself out of my house and into nearby parks to lay/sit in the grass and read.

In doing so, I discovered – thanks to a friend – a new park as well as a new use for a park I only previously used for wine nights and great views.

As my friend and I sat last week in the new park, I couldn’t help but remember parks and picnics in Paris. As families showed up at dusk, I told A how – during the late spring/summer – since many Paris apartments don’t have central air, everyone prefers to dinner and socialize outside with friends instead of being cooped up in your hot apartment after work.

It’s one of my favorite things. So many people.

Ok, so googling “picnics in Paris” was PROBABLY a bad idea.

But I’m not in Paris and even if I did jet off to my favoritest city, it probably isn’t picnic weather. (I just checked, it’s not.) Luckily I do live in LA, and can easily – within a neighborhood or two – collect everything I would need to replicate a Parisian picnic. The scenery will be a little different, that’s all.

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