To Do 2012

As most of you probably did, I spent a lot of time this holiday season with people I don’t see often enough. My people were interested in what’s next for me. What trips or things I had planned for 2012. And while I have a to-do list (as I do every year), there isn’t one huge event or trip scheduled yet. I’m up for whatever should come my way, and I look forward to seeing what happens this year.

1. J-O-B. Surprisingly (or maybe not) I’m not bored of this whole job-free thing. It’s actually quite addicting. But I’m ready for another phase of life, and I think a job is part of that. I’m exploring different options to see where or what that may be.

2. Learn sign language. I sat next to a deaf couple on one of my flights and I was mesmerized. It’s so beautiful and I very much wanted to be able to communicate with them. The way I see it, it’s like learning how to drive a stick shift. When it’s a needed talent, it’s a great one to have.

Insert brief fantasy of learning sign language and becoming a flight attendant here.

3. Sew more. I’ve set up a station in my bedroom so my machine is harder to ignore. I have friends who can teach me and a store nearby that offers classes. No excuses.

4. More yoga, stair climbs, and other non-workout-sounding workouts. I am incredibly lucky that it hasn’t really happened until now, but my body is changing with age and I need to do something about maintaining it.

5. Get organized on I’m horrible at budgeting. And apparently uploading all my information to a website that would do it for me. I need to get better about this. Smarter about it. I’m more often a saver than a spender (hence why I’ve been able to be job-free for so long) but I could have been doing things much better if I was more organized. And prepping for tax time would probably not be nearly as daunting.

6. Write more. More importantly, FINISH more.
7. Read more. At least a book a week is not an outlandish goal.

8. See a state I’ve never been to. Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, or Vermont…I’m looking at one of you. (Note: I may have driven through Connecticut, Delaware and/or Rhode Island, but since I don’t remember, I’m going to say it doesn’t count. Perhaps a fall foliage tour is in order.)

9. At least one overseas trip. This could be tricky with the whole job thing. The next big destination on my list is New Zealand/Australia, but that’s a big trip and I’m not ready to do it solo. So maybe a visit to Central or South America or something random.

Speaking of traveling, I found this at a store in Austin. What a fantastic idea! Altho I can see myself getting obsessed with needing to go everywhere just so I can scratch it off. In addition, since I want to visit all 50 states, it’s difficult to delineate those on this map because the states aren’t marked.

10. More adventures. More exploration. More openness. Maybe an Airstream rental?

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One Response to To Do 2012

  1. heather says:

    If you find good, cheap sign language classes in LA let me know. I took a couple of intro classes in Chicago a few years ago and have passable sign language now (my cousin is deaf), but I’d like to get better.

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