These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

(Note: I had written this before I left STL but it apparently never published. I didn’t take my laptop on this trip, which is why there weren’t regular updates. More posts coming soon…but in the mean time…)

That have happened so far…

– When I walked out of the terminal and a lady took one look and said “those ladies are from LA.” I looked at the girls to the right and to the left of me and we were all wearing leggings (as pants) and boots. What, they don’t do that here? That reaction was paired with the slightest tinge of excitement that I “look LA.” (But, you know, not in a slutty whore-y way.)

– Seeing a guy with a hand-written list walking around lost in a department store. When asked by a sales lady if he needed help, he asked if they had any Bare Minerals. He was in the jewelry department. She walked him over to make-up. Something about seeing him try so hard made me love him so much.

– Playing Memory and making memories.

– Having lunch with a longtime friend that lasted from the time I dropped my dad off at work after his lunch hour to the time I picked him up at the end of his workday. Never a shortage of things to chat about over soup at St. Louis Bread Co. We joked that one day we’ll have kids that won’t take so kindly to 3+ hour convos. In which case we’ll need one of these to keep them corralled.

– On an afternoon spent baking cookies and playing boardgames with one of my nieces and one of my nephews, my niece asked me how Santa got into houses without chimneys. Not being a teacher or a parent, I rarely have to field these “where do babies come from”-type questions. My response was: “Maybe he has a master key…unless, how do YOU think he gets in?” To which, she came up with an elaborate tale of coming through the ceiling in a puff of magical-ness…to which, I said…”Exactly.” Lesson learned. Always turn it around. Their answer will always be better.

– I did elementary school pick-up for my sister…and recognized two people from high school. They’re now parents of kids in elementary school. (At LEAST… I mean, they could have kids in middle school, too.) I could almost hear Katy Perry sing “in another life” on the school PA system.

(Insert Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken here.)

– Driving around with my three nephews and a niece. Katy Perry was playing. (Because when the 3 year old isn’t singing “I’m sexy and I know it,” He wants to hear the “Peacock song.”) A debate broke out about which were better, burps or farts. Farts won by a landslide, in case you were wondering.

–  Talking my 3 year old nephew who has a phobia of public restrooms into using one. If you knew how much he panicked about it, you would see how big of an accomplishment this was and why I felt so great about it. (It’s the flushing that scares him.) I didn’t even have to bribe him with candy. I rationalized with him. As in, we can’t go see Chipwrecked! if you don’t use the toilet.

(PS If you haven’t already…don’t see Chipwrecked! The kids didn’t mind it, but it was pretty much the worst movie ever.)

– I also overcame my own heebie jeebies by clipping my gma’s toenails for her. So I guess there is really nothing a person won’t do for love.

– It was a very musical Christmas. First with a live pianist and 12 Days of Christmas singalong at my maternal family’s festivities. Then an all-out holiday singalong with my dad’s fam. Both were a blast of laughs.

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