Lighting Up

Once upon a time I was given the assignment to make a list of the qualities I would require in a person who I was handing my pretend company over. I then had to isolate ten non-negotiables that this person had to have.

I wrote down things like “bonded” and “creative” and “smart” and “honest” and “good with people.”

It turned out – and stop me if you’ve heard this one – that I wasn’t giving the person a business, but my partnership. (It was an exercise in boundaries.) (PS After learning this, I translated “bonded” into “financially stable/good with money.”)

I was commended on not listing any superficial qualities. But I couldn’t really see how being taller than me would make a difference in how someone would run my imaginary company.

So tonight I was driving around eating a burrito and looking at Christmas lights, and I think I might want my CEO to have a little Clark Griswold in him. Mostly because I think you have to go all or nothing with outdoor decorations.

And if we ever decide to go all out, I want him to be good and imaginative and 110% into it. Like Santa on the rooftop into it.

Then again, I’m not sure I’d want that electrical bill.

Then again again…We could be BFF with our neighbors and make something magical happen. Like this:

Ahh! Banjos FTW. Always.

PS This whole thing is (this year, at least) Ted’s – and the HIMYM writers’ – fault.

I love this show.

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