A Day in the Life

Get ready for this wild ride.
I’m not even sure what happened. But today was superbly awesome in the weirdest way possible.

And I’m just going to regurgitate it so if it doesn’t make sense that’s because sometimes today didn’t make sense. Everything just happened and we were along for the wonderful ride. I accepted things as they came, made the most of opportunities, and only said yes. There’s no better way to spend your day.

The day began at an event for Good Magazine. I met up with a few friends and helped to create a human infographic about transportation. We donned t-shirts (red for cars, green for bikes and yellow for buses) and then arranged ourselves in different traffic patterns.

This is going to sound confusing, but bear with me. When the video comes out, I’ll show you and it will make sense. Maybe.

Anyway, I was a car who transformed to a bus, and I had my eye on another yellow shirt. We started flirting during takes and learned a little bit more about each other each time. I learned things like that he was originally from the Chicagoland area and he now lived within a mile and a half of me. Win win. He was sensitive enough to make a wreath with some ladies in need, but manly enough to chop down his own 12-foot Christmas tree. In like Flynn.

So I started telling my friends on the filming breaks the details that were emerging from our traffic simulation convos. At one point, J suggested I have a “fender bender” with him and tell him that we needed to exchange information.

So many takes. So much talking. We did have a minor bus bump, and altho we jokingly brought up the information exchange thing it didn’t go as smoothly as the idea of it. Because we were buses.

Finally, one of the guys in my group wanted to move on to our next activity of the day. (Wait for it.) So he was like, you gotta make your move. He gave me confidence by telling me the guy (let’s call him K) watched me when he wasn’t aiming his bus right for my traffic lane. (Again this demonstration might make more since when it shows up on the internet somewhere.) He also offered to hook it up middle-school style.

So I ballsed out. Like I so rarely do. I’m not sure I’ve ever quite ballsed out as much as I did today. I walked over to him and referenced a small get together he had mentioned having tonight. I was all, “So this party…is it a small group of friends or a lot of people? Because I think I might have to see this 12-ft tree.”

I know, right? Who is this person?!?! And where did she get her cojones?!

But it worked and he was giving me his address and number. I walked back to the group and they were all tres impressed.

And then we moved on to our next activity. Lunch at Grand Central Market. Followed by learning how to build a fire at a local park. Yep.

The workshop was taught by a park ranger.

I asked my sister (who is also a park ranger) if she taught people how to make fire. She doesn’t. The demonstration really made me want to camp.

He mesmerized us with his skills. It was pretty clear he was used to giving these talks to kids, but we were semi-interested. At least until he pulled out the puppets. He kinda lost us there.

But he made fire!

And then he showed us other methods. Like the magnifying glass.

What he didn’t show us is how to build a fire from nothing. There was always something used. Whether it be the reflector, some magnesium, or a wooden plank that looked like a Mancala board.

Apparently that’s what we had wanted to learn. And by we I mean the male friend whose idea it was to go to there and learn how to make fire.

I can still say I now know more than I knew before so, a check in the success column, Mr. Park Ranger.

We went home and chilled for a minute and then it was time to go to my new boyfriend’s house. (That’s what everyone was calling him. No pressure!) The tree didn’t disappoint.

Neither did the house. It’s huge and has a lot of character and personality. Home tour! We befriended the other people there…even the two uber valley girls, one of whom I had to all but draw a diagram to explain the refrigerator magnet that said “Spooning leads to forking.”

We also made and decorated sugar cookies.

I’m telling you. The level of randomness for today was at 11. Next thing I knew I was being danced around by a 22 year old  who could quote Steel Magnolias word-for-word (not K). We were all having so much fun. Until the smoke alarms went off. Cookies are done!!

We made the decision to walk down to a local bar, but on our way to the car passed a house with a rockin’ party. I suggested crashing it and four of the five of us approved the decision. So we did. We walked in like we knew people and belonged there. And it worked. Nobody questioned us when we asked when the hot spiked cider would be ready. Or danced our asses off in the living room. Or grabbed some cheese and crackers in passing.

And then a couple of us decided we should end the night on a high note. Nothing was going to beat the euphoria of successfully crashing a party. (I mean to the point where people were asking me where other people were and I was telling a girl I liked her dress. Awesomeness.) So we left our new friends behind and called it a night.

I’m not even sure any of this makes sense, but I’m telling you. It was a crazy awesome fantasmic day. That sh*t  cray.

PS I’m going to fortune tell and say we probably shouldn’t refer to K as my BF, but I left a comfort zone today by making that move. And had so much fun because of it. So much.

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