The Power of Gravity

Ok so it’s been a crazy wkend, but I’m going to catch up on everything…despite the fact I’m knee-deep in crafts and prepping to leave for STL…

PS Where did 2011 go? Ok…

So let’s go back to Friday the 9th…of December…and the Hollywood Palladium…

Joshua Radin opened with a set that MAYBE lasted 40 minutes. He started with a few of his newer songs and then got all melancholy. I like him melancholy. He sang my favorite (Today) and performed “The Fear You Won’t Fall” for apparently the first time in five years. For that one, Meiko (another Hotel Cafe fave) joined him on stage.

I remember the days of seeing Joshua and Sara Bareilles at the Hotel Cafe. (I’m still waiting for her to put this song on an album.) And then they toured together on the Hotel Cafe Tour. But it was clear who the star of this night was going to be.

Not only did Joshua’s name not make it on the marquee, but I had to tell a few people who he was. Was it possible all of these peeps were new Sara fans? Or worse…TV Sara fans??

I have to say the stage set-up was more elaborate than I had imagined. And the intro to the show had me convinced she was going to appear Taylor Swift-style by either a flying balcony or up from below the stage…(You don’t have to watch the following clip in its entirety to get what I’m saying.)

Ok…I have to say I was way thrown off. She walked out to her cd. Not singing. The lighting was crazy. It was nothing short of an awards show performance. We were convinced there was going to be choreography. Then she started Uncharted and I started trying to embrace the uber pop-ness of it all.

She told us she had laryngitis and was hopped up on steroids. You couldn’t tell (except for maybe the part where she only sang for about an hour and 20 minutes). She was slightly loopy at times, but confessed to also being drunk. She’s clearly a super fun and adorable drunk. She cussed like a sailor and premiered her new song with the help of a collection of Hotel Cafe peeps. At this point we decided they were having a mega party backstage and the concert was just this thing happening in an adjacent room. This was also the portion of the show where we saw more than one mom walk her child out. FYI, the song is called “That Guy’s An Assh*le” (which is why I linked and didn’t embed.)

Easily my favorite part of the show was the encore. I assumed/hoped/prayed it would be acoustic. I could have never prepared for the awesomeness of her covering Bon Iver and then singing Gravity acappella.

The video does no justice to the awesome feeling of being in a room when 4000 people are silenced by one little voice. A voice that’s not so little after all.

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