My Christmas Playlist

I’ve been lovin’ on A Very She & Him Christmas, but there are a few Christmas songs I don’t make it through the season without listening to several times.

1. This song brings back so many childhood memories. I love it so much and it’s one of my top two Christmas songs ever.

2. As if on cue, my other favorite Christmas song. I grew up going to Christmas Cantatas, and to me, this song works best when sang acapella by someone with a hauntingly beautiful voice.

3. I love everything about the word “darling.” See also: “darlin’.”

4. For some reason this year, I’m especially enamored by “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” I like several artists’ renditions, but this version is fabulous. You know, as long as you don’t picture Willie trying to woo Norah…Oh, oops…

5. A beautiful song that conjures up memories of snow-covered houses and a young boy on his own for Christmas.

6. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Insert song title here. Their albums are storybooks, but nothing compares to seeing them live. The lights, the lasers, the smoke, the pyrotechnics. It’s a huge production and it’s incredible. Haters gonna hate, but I love it. (The actual song starts about 2:33 in.)

7. Aimee Mann’s Annual Christmas Show is maybe my favorite thing about the holidays in LA.

8. Before we knew about the crazy or the closet.

9. I love these ladies. And confession: sometimes I listen to this song even when it’s not Christmastime. And you thought we’d make it through this list without any depressing music. Who are you talking to?

10. Ok so I know Amy Grant is already on this list, but what can I say? She’s good at Christmas.

Yes I realize there are versions where other people sing that song, but Amy’s Home for Christmas album (or A Christmas Album) can be played on repeat as far as I’m concerned. (Like when you’re decorating a tree or baking cookies or wrapping presents or driving through snow. Not all year-round…I’m not crazy.) See also Sufjan Stevens’ Songs for Christmas.

11. While we’re on the subject:

12. Because no Christmas playlist would be complete without Charlie and the gang.

13. I’ll never forget the way Harry Connick Jr. carried old people through flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

14. Classic.

15. You mean you forgot cranberries too? LOVE.

PS I think I’ve decided I want a man who can make Christmas lights dance. Did you see this week’s How I Met Your Mother? Happythankyoumoreplease.

16. Throwing this in as a bonus, because saying things are “fine and dandy like a Hard Candy Christmas” never gets old. Neither does this song.

And just like that…I’m in the Christmas spirit.

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