Put a Little Brie On It

There are basically two reasons I could never be vegan. Eggs and cheese. (But not together, unless in a quiche.) Scrambled eggs are one of my main dietary staples. I also enjoy eggs hard-boiled and yes, even deviled. Obviously deviled.

But this isn’t a post about eggs. It’s a post about cheese. Grilled cheese.

No matter how bare my refrigerator gets, there is always more than one variety of cheese in there. In the past my friends have jokingly asked how many different types I have at any given time. Today that number is six. There’s Provolone, Brie, Cranberry Chevre, Gorgonzola, a shredded Mexican blend and a shredded Parmesan/Asiago/Romano blend.

If there’s ever an emergency that calls for one to have all the ingredients for a fun time at a winery, well…I’d really excel at that kind of preparedness. Almonds, crackers, honey, finger fruit, cheese, and wine.

What can I say? I’m a grazer.

I’ve been eating grilled cheese since I can remember eating sandwiches. Back when I first got into television news and wasn’t making any money, I alternated between PB & J (which I also still love) and cheese sandwiches.

As an adult my grilled cheese of choice was always wheat and provolone. Then I moved to LA. Where restaurants like this one and this one have Grilled Cheese Nights. And there’s a food truck devoted to grilled cheese. Grilled Cheese has gone Gourmet, y’all.

And somewhere along the way I was introduced to my favorite.

There are very few food items I really get genuinely excited about. But put cheese, pears and fig compote in between two slices of raisin bread and grill it up, and I’m in heaven. Food+Lab has a good one. They use Gorgonzola and put a little honey on it. But it’s The Farm, with their warm Brie/Pear/Fig combo that wins my prize. Iloveitsomuch. And I also love how, even tho it’s not on the dinner menu, they understand that Iloveitsomuch and they give it to me no matter what time I’m there.

So last night I made my pear gorgonzola pizza (highly recommend Trader Joes pizza dough, bee tee dubs) and didn’t use all of the pear I cut up. Fast forward to today. I made my first grilled brie, fig, pear sammy (see picture above). On whole grain wheat because that’s what I use at home. And it was DELISH.

I realize it’s no Julia Child – type dish, but it’s a step in the right direction. I have several recipes pinned on Pinterest that I need to try, and I’ve been looking at this Pioneer Woman that everyone keeps raving about. Oddly enough I’m half inclined to try the cauliflower soup, which makes absolutely no sense. (I’m not the biggest soup fan.) If I stick with things I love eating at restaurants, I guess I could try my hand at Pad Thai…altho I kinda feel like some things should be left up to the pros.

Note: I can follow a recipe, and bake regularly. It’s the whole cooking of meals thing that I’m trying to work on.

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