It Comes in 3s

It’s been 4 days since I suspended my DirecTV. In that time I’ve watched season 4 of Breaking Bad (on my computer), The Amazing Race (also on my computer, albeit several hours after it aired), and two awesome documentaries (in dvd form on my tv).

I’ve also done tons of other stuff not in front of a small screen. So far I miss the tv the most when I eat. I mean, what am I supposed to look at? I wish I could remember what I used to do back in 2003 San Diego. I’m pretty sure I used rabbit ears and watched baseball games in Spanish. I’m actually 100% sure I did that.

I haven’t yet experienced any House Hunters withdrawal. Mostly because I can still reenact it with perfect accuracy. The bathroom: “It’s tough for us both to be in here getting ready in the morning.” The kitchen: “It’s tough for us both to be in here cooking.”//”You can’t open the fridge and the dishwasher at the same time.” (Why would you ever have to do that?) The closet: “I don’t know where you’re going to put YOUR clothes.”  The bedroom: “I’m not sure our furniture will fit.” Rest of the house: “Popcorn ceilings?” “Carpet?” (see also: “In the bathroom?!”)//”Why would they not continue the wood floors into (insert room here)?” “What’s with this wallpaper/paint color?” “I see a lot of work here. We wanted move in ready.” “This room will be perfect for a nursery…some day.” (Fast forward to three months later:) “Lots of things have changed: We got engaged!” “We found out we’re pregnant!”

I’m really good at House Hunters: The At-Home Version.

So the post’s title refers to the last three movies I’ve seen and how they were all pretty great.

First up: Surfwise. The story of the Paskowitz Family. A great story about a man who grew tired of worldly things and set off to create a new normal for his family. He and his wife raised 9 kids while traveling around in a 24-foot camper, surfing along the way. Completely unchained from the physical world. None of the kids went to school. Wisdom, Doc Paskowitz says, is what you get from experience.

Two things.

1. Surfing. I’ve been on a surfboard one time. I was 18 and in Hawaii and so infatuated with the guy who owned the board that I can’t remember if I actually did anything like ride a wave. But I really enjoy watching movies about it. Especially documentaries. Surf docs usually have great music. Sometimes I think I’d like to learn, but last summer I made a deal I would go out for a lesson when the water reached 70 degrees. It never did.

Whoa. I just found this place. Who needs savings, am I right?! I mean sure, Costa Rica would be WAY cheaper, but Bali?! You can even meet with Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Eat, Pray, Love) shaman and healer. I’ve wondered what a retreat like that would be like. I wonder if there’s a cheaper way.

Back to Surfwise. And:

2. Kids on the run. I LOVE this idea. I don’t want anywhere near nine kids, but I’d like a few (ideally from different backgrounds) and I’d LOVE them to be super adaptable and adventurous and carefree. I love the Paskowitz family’s ability to live off the grid. I do, however, recognize the need for some sort of traditionally-recognized education in order for the kids to have the ability to do whatever they may want to do in the future.

So do you travel until they start school and then every time they’re on break? Judging from the last time I tried to do long division, I’m pretty sure any major home schooling is probably out of the question. But maybe in short spurts? I know I loved reading Tom and Anne‘s around the world adventures. What a great opportunity for them as a family, and great lessons for the kids. I bet their trip and concentrated time together has even more sentiment now that Anne has battled cancer. Twice.

There’s also this family. Don’t worry, I doubt I’d name my kid Wallaby. Even if s/he is born in Australia.

I’m just saying…people are doing it. It’s totally possible. So at what point in a dating relationship do you bring up the desire to do something like this?

Moving on to movie #2. The Artist.

I love silent film. For my birthday in 2007 we headed over to Catalina for a Silent Film Benefit featuring a Clara Bow movie paired with a Charlie Chaplin short. If memory serves, there was live pipe organ accompaniment and everything. I know I met the organist and posed for pix at the organ. My friends and I may have been the only ones under the age of 60, but I loved every minute.

So when I heard there was going to be a new silent movie, I was super excited. Then I saw John Goodman in the trailer. I don’t know what it is about him (I’m banking on some sort of Dan Conner factor) but I love him. I really enjoyed the movie. The music was great, and overall it was exactly what a silent film should be.

Berenice Bejo plays the female lead and is phenomenal. She’s adorable and perfect. At the beginning, she reminded me enough of Rebecca Hall that I wished Hall was the one in the movie, but by the end I was singing her praises and couldn’t wait to look her up and find out why I didn’t know her. I expect a lot of other people will do the same.

The story is great and a throwback to Hollywood classics. I guess I’m really most excited that it’s such a fresh idea in an age of sequels and remakes. I liked hearing the audience collectively laugh and imagining we looked like the crowd reversals we were seeing on the big screen. I also liked being reminded that – in the 20s – movies were a huge outing, worthy of evening wear.

If there was a show called “I love the 20s,” I would totally want to be a commentator.

Movie #3. Buck.

I guess if I continue to watch movies based on things I like a whole lot, I will continue to be happy. That being said, sometimes people make crappy movies. Not the case here tho. Buck is the story of a real-life horse whisperer. Spoiler alert: Robert Redford is in this movie. Buck helped him out with The Horse Whisperer by – you guessed it – whispering horses.

Buck’s story is a fantastically interesting one. He travels the country doing horse clinics. His methods make sense and are effective. He just gets horses. He has great life lessons that apply to both horses and people.

I’m trying to remember the last time I was on a horse. I’m thinking it was several years ago on the beaches of south San Diego. (Think almost Mexico.) When I was little my uncle had a horse named Ruby. I sorta feel like he brought her over to our backyard once, but I think I may be mixing memories, as there used to be horses in the field behind my parents house. So maybe we visited my uncle’s horse in his backyard? Anyway, I like riding. I rode at girl scout camp and in high school on a “saddle and paddle” trip wherein we rode horses up the mountain, camped, and canoed down. Look at me all young and adventurous. One time when I found out a friend of a friend had a dad with farm I asked him to take me and called it our first date.

There’s an opportunity to ride here in LA over the hill to a Mexican restaurant. It seems pretty guided tho and sometimes I like to run. It hurts less than galloping and is more fun than walking.

I’ve been to both Keeneland and Del Mar and love to watch ponies run. I enjoy betting as well, but use horse names and jockey colors as deciding factors over any real stats.

Buck is likely to be nominated for an Oscar this year in a category that’s shaping up to have some fierce competition. If you’re looking for other horse movies, I have five words for you: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. See also: Seabiscuit. And, of course, The Horse Whisperer.

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