Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving being so close to Christmas, I most often opt out of going back for the November holiday. It seems to be an inlaw holiday with my fam. As in everyone hangs out with their inlaws. I don’t want to say it’s not an important holiday in our family, but it just doesn’t seem to be as celebrated as much, making Christmas the obvious priority for home visits.

In the eight holiday seasons I’ve lived away from home, I’ve been lucky enough to find either an orphan dinner with friends, or a friend’s parents’ table to spend the day. Save for last year, when I jetted off last minute to Kauai. But I stayed at the condo of a friend’s parents, so technically…

This year I was invited to my friend K’s parents’ house. I was just telling her – even tho it was my first time at their house – how welcome I felt. It was super easygoing and very familiar. She has a brother and a sister and since it was also her bf’s first Thanksgiving there, everyone took pride in sharing her most embarrassing pictures and stories from childhood. I knew my fam would do the same. Dinner was great, and afterward we played a serious – and seriously funny – game of Catch Phrase. It was kind of like going back in time before my sibs had kids.

I’m so very blessed to have had friends’ parents include me on family vacations, and family adventures, and family events, and holidays. It really does take a village, and I think time spent seeing how other families work and interact can only benefit a person. The surrogate mom/dad hugs don’t hurt either.

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