Apartment Therapy

The Living Room.

My apartment is pretty small, and lately I’ve been feeling like I needed to change some things. It was feeling clutter-y and cramped and I couldn’t tell if I was tired of my furniture, the space, the decorations, or all of the above.

So my neighbor (who better executes a less-is-more approach to decorating) came up with a plan.

It required no new purchases, very little heavy lifting, and really gave the place a new look and feel.

Here’s where the part where I would have shown before-and-after pictures. If I would have taken before pictures. Which I didn’t. So here are the after pictures. Maybe if you’ve been to my house you remember things looking slightly differently.

Switching the couch and chair really opened up the room. I’m not sure how, or why I never tried it before.

On this side I switched out the colorful bikes in Paris trilogy for this black and white historical shot of a Lion’s Head and Camps Bay (South Africa).

Now instead of walking into Paris and chaos and too many things to look at, the room – with the globe and planes and the trunk and the pix of both SA and Paris – has a more simplistic, but better executed theme of travel in general. With an antique-y feel. I also like how by scooting the tv down I took the focus off of it. When you’re looking straight ahead from the couch, Lion’s Head catches your eye before the tv does.

Such an easy fix with such a calming, relaxed result. Little changes making big differences.

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